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Your private hospital treatment payment options

Ramsay Health Care UK | 22/12/14

Find out your options to cover the costs of your care If you choose private healthcare for your consultations, diagnostics, treatment and aftercare.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Roux-en-Y

Ramsay Health Care UK | 11/12/14

A gastric bypass surgery is a restrictive procedure to help you with weight loss. Find out its' pros and cons before making your decision.


Ramsay Health Care UK | 28/11/14

Consultant surgeon Mr Gerard Lambe answers the most common questions asked by men and women regarding facelift.


Ramsay Health Care UK | 14/11/14

Often job descriptions don't describe all the tasks you'll be doing. Find out what working as a Theatre Manager involves on a day-to-day basis

Weight loss

Ramsay Health Care UK | 6/11/14

Cosmetic surgery after weight loss is a personal choice. You will need to research the types of cosmetic surgery available and discuss the pros & cons