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gastric bypass

Ramsay Weight Loss | 10/12/15

Consultant surgeon Mr Naga Venkatesh Jayanthi answers the most common questions asked by men and women regarding gastric bypass surgery

preventing heart disease

Ramsay Health Care | 23/11/15

Keeping a healthy heart is the most important thing you can do to prevent heart disease. Here are 6 lifestyle choices to consider:

Let go of the scales!

Carol from bariatriccookery.com | 17/11/15

You want to see results and the reading on the dial matters, doesn’t it?

Ramsay Weight Loss Infographic

Ramsay Weight Loss | 9/10/15

Weight Loss Surgery Infographic by Ramsay Health Care UK

wls diets for vegetarians vegans and gluten free

Ramsay Health Care UK | 24/09/15

All you need to know about pre and post-operative diets for vegetarian, vegan or gluten free patients to follow before & after the weight loss surgery