Weight Loss Surgery Infographic

Ramsay Weight Loss | 9/10/2015

Weight Loss Surgery Infographic

Ramsay Weight Loss Infographic
Weight loss surgery has been tackling the growing obesity problem for decades, with improvements in techniques and outcomes happening all the time.

From gastric bands to bypass surgery, there are a number of options tailored to individual needs. These procedures, alongside a programme of exercise and diet control, have been proven to be highly effective at helping obese people to reduce their BMI levels.

As one of the most effective ways to tackle obesity and help lose and keep off weight, we have produced an infographic to take a closer look at where it has come from, where it is going and what are the options.

Our infographic brings together in depth research from Ramsay Healthcare, as well as other reputable sources like the NHS, McKinsey and Public Health England, providing you with a quick and easy to follow guide on weight loss surgery.

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