What do the new cosmetic surgery guidelines mean?

Mr Adel Fattah | 14/04/2016

What do the new cosmetic surgery guidelines mean?

The Keogh report is a really important announcement and led to the first real attempt to regulate the market of cosmetic surgery. The GMC has issued its professional guidance for doctors that offer cosmetic interventions.In reality the guidance is what most reputable practitioners already do: avoid unethical promotional tactics, never pressure patients into surgery and make sure that full information for consent is provided with time for the patient to reflect on this. Failure to adhere to this guidance can be punishable with being struck off. In reality, it remains just guidance and The Royal College of Surgeons is taking this further.

As part of the Royal College initiative, surgeons will voluntarily be accredited to perform cosmetic surgery procedures. Although the college is calling on the government to introduce legislation to make accreditation compulsory, there is no legal requirement to become accredited; so asking your surgeon about this will help identify those who are keen to provide the highest standard of care. You should be wary of any clinic where you do not see the surgeon for your pre-operative consultation. Many consultants will see you at least twice to advise you to ensure that you have fully understood the risks and benefits of surgery and certainly in my own practice I give written information at the first consultation so that the patient can take time to read and digest the information.

The Royal College initiative requires surgeons to keep accurate records relating to the procedures performed, to ensure that full awareness of the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment including written information is provided and that a cooling off period is mandatory. In addition, doctors will be required to ask patients to complete questionnaires before and after surgery that are designed to determine whether the patient believes there has been an improvement.

The standards are to be rolled out from June on wards, so it will take time for surgeons to adopt this. But be aware that some organisations that are advertised as maintaining standards are ventures in which professionals pay to be accredited in return for some training (often online) but are not affiliated to regulatory bodies. Look for members of the organisations affiliated to the Royal Colleges such as BAPRAS and take time to ensure the person you are seeing is fully qualified and experienced. Never be afraid to ask about the credentials of the person you are seeing; they will always be happy to clarify their qualifications.

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