Rising Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery Among Males

Ramsay Health Care UK | 24/11/2016

Rising Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery Among Males

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There is increased evidence that cosmetic surgery popularity is growing among males. This has been shown via figures published by American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and Bahrain Society of Plastic Surgeons (BSPS). According to figures published by BAAPS, men account for 9% of the total number of cosmetic surgery operations in the UK, but this number has nearly doubled over the past decade (from 2,440 procedures in 2005 to 4,614 in 2015).

Males want a harmonious nose, rejuvenated face, flat abdominal wall and correction of gynaecomastia (male breasts). Other popular procedures are liposuction, correction of prominent ears/ear lobes/holes in ear lobes, eyelid surgery, hair transplant and chin implants. Men usually want to look fresh and do not wish to look different.

Gynaecomastia reduction procedure can be very rewarding in increasing self-confidence and self-esteem of patient. It is a common procedure in men under 30 years age. These patients need to be assessed to rule out any medical cause of gynaecomastia and have proper counselling regarding weight reduction and exercise. In selected cases surgery can be carried out. However surgery should never be taken lightly as it carries risks and complications. Male breast reduction is very challenging. Attempts are made to keep scar as small as possible but this depends on the problem. The problem could be excess of skin, fat and gland. A very useful way of dealing with this problem is to excise a disc of skin around areola, then via the same incision remove the underlying gland and remove fat by liposuction. Mr Irfan Khan has modified Benelli’s breast reduction technique to apply to male breast achieving a high patient satisfaction rate. This results in a scar only around areola and is hidden in the junction of darker areola. A larger areola could also be reduced using this technique. Any risks and worries will be explained and answered at your consultation.

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