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Ramsay Weight Loss | 27/07/2016

Is a gastric band right for me?

Who is best suited for a gastric band?

A gastric band may be best suited to you if you want the safest weight loss surgery with the lowest risk of serious complications and a fast recovery. If you don’t like the idea of going under the knife and having your digestive system permanently changed, this least invasive gastric surgery can offer a reversible change to your stomach size that can help you to modify your diet and lifestyle forever.

With a gastric band, sometimes referred to as a lap band, your weight loss will be much more gradual than with other weight loss surgeries. You’re likely to lose 50 to 60% of your excess weight over two years. However, the amount of weight lost by each patient will vary depending on an individuals circumstances. If you calculate your expected weight loss to be within these parameters and you want to lose it steadily then a gastric band could be your most fitting choice.

You’ll need to be committed to following a new healthy eating plan and a long term investment in changing to a more active lifestyle. If you’ve a sweet tooth, you binge eat, you’re a frequent snacker or you’re an emotional eater this may not be the best option for you. As you’re able to eat a normal nutritional diet you shouldn’t need any vitamin supplements to remember to take.

Your gastric band might need regular adjustments so you must be able to attend these appointments as required in addition to your regular hospital appointments to ensure everything is going well and you have adequate nutrition. If you have a fear of needles this may not be the best option for you.

The eligibility criteria for a gastric band is that you have a BMI of 35 plus and have a medical condition like high blood pressure and diabetes that may improve once you have lost weight or you have a BMI of 40 plus and are morbidly obese. You’ll also need to be fit enough to have the procedure.

So in summary a gastric band would best suit you if you’re committed to working hard at losing weight through healthy eating and an active lifestyle but you acknowledge you need support to achieve this. You don’t wish to have permanent changes to your body that may carry potential risks and you don’t want to have a rapid and dramatic weight loss.

Operation costs

Cost will be a consideration if you’re choosing private weight loss surgery in the UK. It’s possible to have a gastric band on the NHS but you’ll have a considerable wait and you must meet their eligibility criteria.

A gastric band is a cheaper option than other gastric surgery. At Ramsay Health Care UK a gastric band costs £4995 and includes 36 months aftercare. Aftercare is of paramount importance to gastric band patients and within this you’ll have access to a team of specialists including bariatric nurses, health educators, your surgeon, a support group and a cosmetic surgeon for expert advice, reviews and support. We also offer a 24 hour helpline, unlimited band adjustments and access to behaviour modification tools.

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