Women's Health: Smear Tests Explained and What Happens if I have an Abnormal Result?

  • Date

    Tuesday, 12 March 2024

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Join Miss Latika Narang, an experienced Consultant Gynaecologist, for an interactive webinar, during which she will give up-to-date information and advice for anyone keen to know more from an expert in the field.

What to expect?

A talk by Miss Narang, during which she will talk about smears, HPV and what happens if a patient has an abnormal result. She will answer important questions including; 'How often should I have a smear test', 'What is HPV?', 'When should I stop having regular smear tests?', and 'What is a colposcopy and why do I need one?'

To register

The event will take place virtually over Microsoft Teams, it is really easy to register to attend to register for the event click here.

Once you have registered your attendance you will receive a confirmation email and link to join the session.

This event will not replace an initial consultation, however gives you a fantastic opportunity to meet your consultant and ask questions to understand how private healthcare works.