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A CT scanner uses ionising radiation, the same sort of radiation as used in a normal x-ray. The data that is recorded by the scanner is looked at in slices through the body. This data can be reconstructed into different planes, to allow the maximum amount of information to be gained from just one scan.

The scanner consists of a bed and a large doughnut shaped machine which the bed passes through. A CT scanner is relatively quiet and the scans are generally quite quick (normally less than 5 minutes in total).

We currently scan with a Siemens Somatom Emotion 6 - 16 slice CT scanner, but are awaiting delivery of a brand new Siemens 64 slice scanner, one of the first 64 slice scanners to be installed in a mobile unit. Although we currently offer a wide range of procedures, this new scanner will allow us to develop our service further and offer an unrivalled procedure list.

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