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Our people are at the heart of our success, providing outstanding patient care across our network of hospitals.

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Park Hill Hospital is one of South Yorkshire's leading private hospitals with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality healthcare treatments and services. Located in Doncaster, the hospital currently has 17 bedrooms and a four bedded day care unit all with en suite facilities.

By investing in advanced medical technology, the hospital offers a wide range of treatments and services. The fully equipped ultra clean air theatre is particularly suitable for orthopaedic procedures offered such as arthroscopy and hip and knee replacement. The day unit is suitable for minor operations.

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What our patients say

  • I had a operation on my hip my consultant Mr Bruce. I have been for my checkup he was so pleased with my recovery. I had Mr Bruce is a excellent surgeon so pleasant. Caring put you at ease.

  • Great care from all Staff in all areas yesterday & thank you to Mr MacInnes. Only issue I have is hospital needs upgrading, rooms tired, old furniture , in need of decorating. Not changed since I was a patient 6 years ago. Only a bath where if I’d needed (but didn’t as only daycare), I would have wanted a shower. Baths not as hygienic or accessible & showers the preferred option these days. We pay top prices for “hotel fees” & expect a bit of luxury in the private sector. ( I have experienced better in a different private hospital, different company) Can’t fault the care 😊

  • I was admitted on 26th May 2023 for a bunion removal and a plate inserted to straighten two of my badly deformed toes . I have to say absolutely amazing service from everyone who worked there and helped me. My surgeon Mr T Wilkinson explained the procedure in depth. I was allowed home that same evening with aftercare leaflets. Painful after the operation but I’m controlling with painkillers as advised . Certainly worth having it done and Hope get my next foot done asap. Many thanks to you all at Oark Hill

  • Had hip replacement surgery and from going in to coming out next day absolutely lovely experience high quality service from reception to all the staff in catering, physio, all ward staff and the the surgeon and his team faultless

  • I'd like to thank everyone at park hill hospital, they were all amazing i wasn't expecting to go into park hill but the DRI didn't have a bed for me so I was upgraded to park hill so just meny thanks again kind regards Eddie reay


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