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We know that your time is precious; whether creating memories with family and friends, doing the job you love, or enjoying your favourite hobby. We believe your health shouldn’t get in the way of these moments.


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Pinehill Hospital is one of Hertfordshire’s leading private hospitals with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality private hospital treatment. Situated in tranquil, wooded surroundings, Pinehill provides a peaceful environment to aid a speedy recovery. 

The hospital's range of treatments and services include cosmetic surgery, hip replacements, knee replacement, varicose vein treatment, hernia surgery, physiotherapy, cataract surgery, gynaecology services, snoring treatment, and ear, nose and throat treatments.

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  • From the very first consultation to my last aftercare visit I found Mr Ridha informative, caring and extremely professional yet down to earth. He explained the whole procedure simply and was able to reassure me on any questions I had . The whole experience with all the medical team at Pinehill was amazing . 100% recommend Mr Ridha for any surgeries needed.

  • Following initial consultations, scans and x-rays, Mr. Thakrar recommended a partial knee replacement. The surgery was carried out one afternoon and I was home the next day. The intervention has been very successful for me, with no pain from the joint anymore, and the swelling and bruising due to operation is reducing fast. The wound has healed exceptionally well, and very neatly! I found Mr. Thakrar to be very professional, advising a suitable intervention for my difficulties, keeping me informed, listening to me, and managing expectations throughout. The care provided overnight was very good, the nursing staff, excellent.

  • This hospital, no wondering why so many elderly trust this one a lot. Im young and new to Pinehill hospital and when I see patients there, I can feel reliable evidence from them for the hospital. Staffs are super gentle, and professional and helpful. Doctors and nurses are very knowledgeable and super good, attentive as well

  • I recommend Pinehill Hospital to anyone seeking top-quality medical care delivered with compassion and professionalism. I just wanted to say a huge \"thank you\" to all of you.

  • Fantastic private hospital. Friendly staff, clean & well presented. Easy to park & navigate around.

  • This was my second visit to Pinehill Hospital, the first as an inpatient during COVID-19 and the second as an outpatiens, hats off to all the staff especially the girls at the main reception (Val and Nicoleta) who are very nice and helpful. A VERY BIG thank you to Gosia, who helped me book an appointment with a specialist very quickly. A very nice bunch of people.

  • I cannot praise Pinehill Hospital more highly - I not only got the support and treatment I needed, but also, I felt safe and re-assured. All the staff were exceptional, from the doctors and nurses, right down to the support staff. All the staff were friendly, positive and made the whole experience manageable, alleviating the anxiety I had.

  • Professor Vasdev explained to me very clearly what my condition was, as well as the various alternatives for treatment including all the pros and cons, which gave me a full understanding alloweing me to choose the best treatment for my condition. The overall experience was fantastic and the results exceeded in far my best expectations. In every step Professor Vasdev demonstrated an extensive knowledge, and followed me through the process with extreme care, can't thank him enough.


Latest from Pinehill Hospital

Aquablation: A New Minimally Invasive Treatment

Professor Nikhil Vasdev, Consultant Urological & Robotic Surgeon at Pinehill Hospital offers new minimally invasive treatment for prostates. 

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Pinehill's First Patient To Be Treated With Aquablation Therapy

Professor Nikhil Vasdev, Consultant Urological & Robotic Surgeon based at Pinehill Hospital, Hertfordshire, offers Aquablation Therapy to the first patient.

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Consultant helps treat patient with symptoms of Enlarged Prostate

Professor Nikhil Vasdev helps diagnose and treat 71 year old patient with symptoms of Enlarged Prostate (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, BPH) with minimally invaisive treatment, Aquablation Therapy.

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