Vascular Scanning

What are vascular scans?

Vascular scanning is a range of tests that create pictures to assess blood vessels including arteries and veins and their blood flow.

These scans diagnose vascular conditions such as atherosclerosis, blood clots, aneurysms, and other vascular disorders. The results of vascular scans guide treatment decisions and monitor the effectiveness of treatments.

Vascular scans produce images to help assess your body’s vascular system including your arteries and veins.

They detect and evaluate the narrowing of arteries and veins and any blockages within them, bulges in weakened blood vessel walls, and blood clots. They produce images of these vessels and their blood flow. Arteries or veins in your neck, arm, leg, or abdomen are most commonly examined.

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Spectacle Independence with New Lens for Cataract Surgery

Mr Upton is our first patient to have the new Puresee intraocular lens to support his cataract surgery, treated by Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Jesse Panthagani. 

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Robotic-assisted total knee replacement for improved surgical outcomes

Patients having knee replacement surgery at Clifton Park Hospital, based in York - now have the option of a robotic assisted knee replacement. A new robotic surgical assistant called the ROSA Knee System is now being used at the hospital to help support surgeons to target better fit and function than ever before.

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Cobalt Hospital Achieves Re-accreditation of JAG

Cobalt Hospital are proud to achieve reaccreditation of JAG. Join accreditation group (JAG) visited the site during January, and successfully awarded the Endoscopy department with re-accreditation.

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