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Diet Drinks linked with Stroke

  • Wed 10 May 2017

Regularly drinking soft drinks that contain artificial sweeteners could increase the risk of stroke or dementia.

Salty food makes you drink less, not more

  • Wed 19 Apr 2017

Eating food that is high in salt makes you less thirsty and increases hunger, according to a study carried out during a simulated mission to Mars.

Having pets may reduce risk of allergies and obesity

  • Wed 12 Apr 2017

Exposure to pets during pregnancy or the first few months of life may reduce the risk of children developing allergies or becoming obese, according to a Canadian study.

Blood test to reveal most effective depression medication

  • Tue 04 Apr 2017

A simple finger-prick blood test could help determine which medication will be the most effective in treating people with depression.

Salt intake linked to night-time toilet trips

  • Wed 29 Mar 2017

Reducing salt intake could help reduce the need to use the toilet in the night, according to new research from Japan.

Back pain being caused by fashion trends

  • Wed 22 Mar 2017

Fashion trends such as skinny jeans, oversized bags and coats with large fluffy hoods can contribute to back pain in women, according to the British Chiropractic Association (BCA).

Sleep may lead to behaviour issues

  • Tue 14 Mar 2017

Children who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to have behavioural problems later on, a new study has shown.

Test for autoimmunity in arthritis patients offers cure hope

  • Tue 07 Mar 2017

A test for measuring autoimmunity in arthritis patients could be used to evaluate new treatments and offer a way of finding a cure.

Apple-shaped body makes heart disease more likely

  • Wed 22 Feb 2017

The genes associated with having an ‘apple-shaped’ body increase the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, according to a new US study.

Intestinal bacteria could accelerate Alzheimer's

  • Wed 15 Feb 2017

A new study has found that bacteria in the intestine could be linked to the development of Alzheimer's disease.

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