Key Services


Our highly skilled consultant ophthalmologists diagnose and treat many eye diseases and perform eye surgery. Many of our ophthalmologists are also involved in scientific research on the causes and cures for eye diseases and vision disorders. They are knowledgeable of, and experienced with, the latest treatment options and procedures for our patients in order to provide the best care possible.


We offer a wide range of endoscopy treatment such as Colonoscopy, Endoscopic Upper GI & Flexible Sigmoidoscopy. Our knowledgeable and experienced experts at Investigating inside the body for medical reasons they will be able to diagnose diseases in the various parts of the body.

Private Patient Referral Process


Send a letter

Simply send a referral letter via our secure online system or post.


Contact the hospital

In the meantime your patient can contact their local Ramsay Hospital directly to arrange a convenient appointment.


Arrange Appointment

If the patient does not contact us we will contact them to arrange an appointment according to the details provided on the referral.