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itnl aniridia day

Aniridia Day

International awareness day is held to increase understanding of the sight problems faced by people with the rare eye condition, aniridia.

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cataract surgery longer life

Cataract Surgery Longer Life

The Queen underwent cataract surgery recently, at age 92. A US study has found that this common surgical procedure could help women live longer.

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nutrition and vision

Nutrition and Your Vision

Here are a few tips on just some of the nutrients required to keep your eyes and vision in top condition.

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tea towels food poisoning

Tea Towels Food Poisoning

A study has found that tea towels that are used for multiple jobs, such as drying dishes as well as hands, could harbour harmful bacteria such as E.coli.

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Poor Eyesight Linked to Intelligence

An extensive genetic study has suggested that clever people are more likely to have sight problems.

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vitamins and health

Vitamins and Your Health

A Canadian study has found that some of the most commonly taken vitamin and mineral supplements, including multi-vitamins and vitamin C, don't actually provide any health benefits.

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breast cancer genetic test

Breast Cancer Genetic Test

A genetic test can identify which early-stage breast cancers can be treated without chemotherapy, according to trials.

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contact colour blindness

Contact Lens Developed to Help Colour Blindness

Researchers have developed an innovative new contact lens that could help people with colour blindness.

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Heart Problems Eczema

A study has found that people who suffer from severe eczema have an increased risk of heart problems such as stroke, heart failure and heart attack.

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lack of sleep

Lack of Sleep

People who get five or fewer hours of sleep during the week, but then have a lie-in at the weekend, have no raised mortality risk, according to new research.

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