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Latest News & Updates

Keep up to date with the latest Ramsay Health Care News.

fish oil osteoarthritis

Fish Oil Osteoarthritis

A study from the University of Surrey has found that taking a fish oil supplement could help reduce pain in people with osteoarthritis, and improve their heart health.

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folic acid stroke

Folic Acid Stroke

People with high blood pressure could reduce their stroke risk by taking folic acid supplements, according to new research from China.

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genes sun tan

Genes Sun Tan

Scientists have discovered how DNA impacts whether someone’s skin burns or tans in the sun, which could help with better understanding of the onset of skin cancer.

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Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacements could be better than full replacements for many patients, with fewer complications and a faster recovery.

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golfers osteoarthritis

Golfers Osteoarthritis

Golfers who suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee are better off walking the golf course rather than getting on a buggy, according to an American study.

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dementia risk

Medicines Dementia Risk

Some drugs used to treat muscle conditions and depression may be linked to developing dementia later in life.

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cancer myths belief

Cancer Myths Belief

Research has found that the number of people who believe in unproven causes of cancer has increased.

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Latest Blog Articles

Keep up to date with the latest Ramsay Health Care blog articles.

shoulder recovery

Recovery after Shoulder Surgery

General tips to help maximise your recovery after a shoulder surgery including how to support your rotator cuff.

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signs knee replacement

Signs You May Need a Knee Replacement

Around 70,000 knee joint replacements are carried out in the UK each year. But how do you know if you may require a new knee joint?

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golfers elbow pain

Golfers with Elbow Pain

Read here on golfers with elbow pain including elbow joint pain, the treatments needed, and the symptoms and causes.

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foot and ankle pain

Dealing with Foot and Ankle Pain

Learn more about foot and ankle pain including home remedies for sprained ankle and ankle pain, surgical treatment and the sources of pain, from Ramsay Health Care.

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