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Life After Cataract Surgery

We’ve compiled a short guide on what to expect after your cataract surgery as well as roughly how long it takes to recover from cataract surgery and some tips for a faster recovery.

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Knee Support Hero

Knee Support That is Right for Me

Here are are the five main types of knee support available alongside what they’re best at and when it should be used.

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which sports workout bad for joints

Which sports and workouts are bad for my joints

Here are some sports and workouts to try, and well as some to avoid if you’re looking for different ways to exercise to reduce joint pain

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How to Reduce the Risk of Cataracts

The best way to combat cataracts is by knowing the causes and doing what you can to minimise your risk of developing them through everyday lifestyle choices.

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exercises help with hip pain

Exercises to Help with Hip Pain

Exercises can help with hip pain including stretching and strengthening the muscles and keeping the joint active can help relieve pain and help maintain mobility

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How to Holiday with Hip Pain

Whether you have everyday hip pain or you’re recovering from hip surgery, it’s important to look after yourself while on your travels. Here are some top tips for minimising hip pain on holiday

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type of hip condition

Types of Hip Condition

Symptoms of hip pain and stiffness can impact on our quality of life. Here is a short list of just some of the conditions that can adversely affect our hips.

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How to Exercise to minimise joint pain - Hero

How to Exercise Effectively to Minimise Joint Problems

Here are some everyday exercises that don’t put undue strain on joints, and which can actually help reduce joint problems.

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What Causes Cataracts

Causes of Cataracts

There are several different factors that can contribute to cataract formation, including advancing age, smoking, family history and more. Find pout more

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The Early Signs of Hip Problems

Hip problems can affect people in many different ways, and you should always speak to your doctor if you’re experiencing issues, but these are some of the common early signs of hip problems.

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