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Keep up to date with the latest Ramsay Health Care News.

back and neck pain

Rise in Back and Neck Pain

The number of people in Britain suffering from back and neck pain has gone up by 12% over the last year.

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brain cells old age

Brain Cells in Old Age

New research has found that older people continue producing just as many new nerve cells in the brain as young people do.

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pasta help weight loss

Pasta Helps With Weight Loss

A new study has found that eating pasta as part of a healthy diet could actually help with weight loss.

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short burst exercise

Short Bursts of Exercise

A new study has found that daily exercise split into small bursts of time is as beneficial to health as a longer workout.

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daily yoga

Daily Yoga Arthritis

Arthritis sufferers could benefit from practicing daily yoga moves to improve their flexibility and reduce joint pain.

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flu vaccine

Discovery Flu Vaccine

A new weapon in the fight against flu could be on the horizon as scientists discover a new aspect of the flu virus and how it interacts with antibodies in the lungs.

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lifestyle changes

Lifestyle Changes

Cancer Research UK has found that over 135,000 cases of cancer each year in the UK could be prevented through lifestyle changes such as losing weight, reducing alcohol intake, avoiding over-exposure to the sun, and eating more fibre.

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Latest Blog Articles

Keep up to date with the latest Ramsay Health Care blog articles.

living with a bunion

Living With A Bunion

Learn about how to live with a bunion including the causes and the treatments required.

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physiotherapy benefits

The Benefits of Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy strengthens muscles and improves function, it is considered one of the most effective treatments for back muscle pain as well as reducing the risk of recurrence.

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about shoulder surgery

Eight Things You Need To Know About Shoulder Surgery

Crucial points on the shoulder surgery, including the ideal treatment for rotator cuff tears and tips on your recovery process.

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spine surgery

When Is Spine Surgery The Next Step For You?

If your back pain can no longer be managed by the usual methods including stretching, you may finally opt for spine surgery.

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