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New Artificial Skin Technology

Researchers have developed a promising skin replacement material for people with no or limited skin sensitivity.

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sore throat cancer

Sore Throat and Cancer Risk

A UK study of patients in general practice has found that a persistent sore throat could be a previously overlooked warning sign for cancer of the larynx.

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Protecting Feet Hero

Runners Guide: Protecting Your Feet

Feet are the most frequently injured body part for runners. Read here on the three ways to to protect your feet

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5 Things to Check before Having Lip Augmentation

If you are considering lip augmentation, here are five things to check before you take the plunge.

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tummy tuck back pain

Tummy Tuck Reduce Back Pain

A study has found that women who have a tummy tuck after having children can find it reduces back pain and urinary incontinence.

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The Five Myths of Cosmetic Surgery

While information about cosmetic surgery is freely available, some common myths prevail. So, here are five common myths of cosmetic surgery.

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YouTube Misleading Facial Surgery

A US study that evaluated YouTube videos on facial plastic surgery has found that most videos are misleading and not educational.

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material wound healing

Material to Promote Wound Healing

Scientists have created a new molecule that could change the way wounds are helped to heal.

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What to Expect on a Breast Enlargement Journey

Before you decide that breast implants are right for you, here is a short guide on what you can expect on a breast enlargement journey.

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Exercise and High Blood Pressure

Researchers have compared the effects of exercise and medicines in people with high blood pressure and the results suggest that exercise could be a good way of keeping blood pressure under control.

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