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smokers herina

Smokers Hernia Operation

A US study has found that current and recent smokers are significantly more likely to have serious complications following hernia repair operations than those who don't smoke.

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6 8 hours sleep

6 to 8 Hours Sleep

A study has found that having either more or less than six to eight hours sleep a night could increase the risk of heart disease or stoke.

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Living With a Ganglion

Find out more on living with a ganglion cysts, including what it involves, the diagnosis and treatments required.

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blood test second heart attack

Blood Test Second Heart Attack

Scientists are developing a blood test that quickly detects whether a person is at risk of having another heart attack.

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open plan office

Open Plan Offices Health

A US study has found that people who work in open plan offices do more physical activity during the day, and are less stressed at work and at home.

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honey not antibiotics

Honey Recommended for Cough

New guidelines have recommended that people who have a cough should have hot drinks with honey and take cough medicines, rather than be given antibiotics.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

Here are 5 important points on prostate cancer including the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments available such as TURP surgery

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new body fat

New Body Fat Test

Researchers have developed a simpler, more accurate way of estimating body fat – the relative fat index.

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things to know about varicose veins

5 Things to Know About Varicose Veins Surgery

Read here on a few things to know about varicose veins surgery including the treatment available, long term benefits and more.

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Short Sight in Children

Studies have found that the proportion of children who are short-sighted is increasing, leading to some blaming eye fatigue from computer use.

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