Meet the team

Our Private Private Patient Manager

Stacey Mulhall is Stourside's Private Patient Manager. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the hospital, its services and surrounding area.

Stacey oversees Stourside's private service throughout the hospital and ensures each private patient receives the service they have chosen and paid for.

She has an excellent relationship with consultants and will follow and support a private patient through every stage of their hospital journey, from the initial appointment with a consultant through to surgery and aftercare.

Stacey also assists with regular open events at the hospital which offer private patients an insight into the specialties available at Stourside Hospital.

To book a private appointment at Stourside Hospital, please call 01384 912 973.

If you are interested in becoming a Private Patient at Stourside Hospital, either by using your private medical insurance or by paying for your own treatment, please find out more here:

Private Patient Referral Process


Send a letter

Simply send a referral letter via our secure online system or post.


Contact the hospital

In the meantime your patient can contact their local Ramsay Hospital directly to arrange a convenient appointment.


Arrange Appointment

If the patient does not contact us we will contact them to arrange an appointment according to the details provided on the referral.