What is Sterile Services?

Many patients who contact our Hospitals at Ramsay Health Care have symptoms & conditions that may require surgery to help them. Our services and teams are all focussed on how we can support our patients. When a procedure or operation is performed, instruments and pieces of equipment are used, many of which are reusable. This equipment needs to be safe to use which means it must be clean, fully functional, and sterile (have no bacterial or viral contamination or substance on it that could harm a patient). To achieve this, a process of washing & disinfection, inspection, packing and sterilisation must be undertaken after every use. This process is carried out in highly controlled environments called Sterile Services Departments/Units.

Some people also refer to Sterile Services as:

These are referring to the same type of service. Some departments are standalone units separate from hospital sites and some smaller units are based on Hospital sites. Ramsay Health Care have a mixed Sterile Services model, with 2 large independent Hubs who provide a service for up to 10 Hospital sites. Smaller units may provide a service to 1 or 2 Hospitals.

Instruments & Equipment

Team Members & Roles in Sterile Services

A team of people work in these areas performing specific and essential roles which include:

Trainee Technicians

Individuals who have no previous experience and are learning about the process of decontamination. Once fully competent, trainees are promoted to a technician.


Individuals who have been fully trained to inspect and process many complex instruments used in our operations. They also support trainee technicians with their learning.


These are senior technicians who are responsible for coordinating the day to day shift as well as support and manage a team.


Highly trained individuals who ensure our equipment remains in full working order.

Administration Team

These are senior technicians who are responsible for coordinating the day to day shift as well as support and manage a team.


Essential for delivering and picking up instruments to and from Hospital sites in readiness for our patients. We use a network of specially modified vans to achieve this in our larger sites.

Hub Manager

Has overall responsibility for the unit, ensuring the staff are safe, supported and that we provide a high quality service to our patients and hospital teams.

Quality Manager

Deputises for the Hub Manager & responsible for supporting the training and development of all team members as well as ensuring that key regulatory quality standards are upheld.


critical to the safety of our units by helping to keep the working environment clean.

Meet The Team

Duncan Roper

National Decontamination Lead

We are completely behind the scenes and out of the limelight, but the work we do is vital in the context of infection prevention and successful outcomes of surgical procedures. I like sharing my knowl...

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Wayne Austin

Administration Assistant

I am responsible for resolving problems with instruments, setting up new trays & supplimentaries, and liaising with our theatre departments, to make sure the equipment they need is sent out to them in...

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Mick Almond

Lead Driver

Without Sterile Services drivers moving surgical equipment between hospitals and Sterile Services, the hospitals would cease to do operations in a matter of days, and this would not only affect hospit...

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Debbie Robinson

Decontamination Manager

I manage the Hub and ensure that all the different departments work together in sync to reach the end goal, which is that the Instrumentation is fit for purpose for the patients. Every day is different...

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Considering Sterile Services as a Career

  • Ramsay has always supported me in any training or developments opportunities that have enabled me to progress in my career. I have worked with many people who supported me in my roles within Ramsay and Decontamination, we all work as a team.

  • Ramsay offer a fantastic range of courses and training so there are lots of ways staff can develop their skills in a particular area. Everybody I work with here at the hub, has a laugh and a joke, and we are like close family.

  • Everyone is very friendly; we all help each other, and we are all dedicated to doing a great job. It is an extremely welcoming space due to the members of staff that create such a warm, welcoming, and happy work environment.

  • I know there is opportunities to raise my level higher in the company. Everyone here is friendly and have great personalities. The culture is hard working with great spirits.

  • Team spirit is high with people enjoying working together, this, in turn increases morale and ultimately, productivity. I feel there is the opportunity to further our careers.