Endoscopy Unit Awarded

Ashtead Hospital is delighted to announce that its Endoscopy Unit has been awarded the sought-after UK accreditation from the Royal College of Physicians Joint Advisory Group on Gastrointestinal (GI) Endoscopy Accreditation (JAG).  JAG accreditation is awarded to Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Services who have demonstrated they meet best practice quality standards and is the result of the hard work and dedication of our Endoscopy Team, led by Deana Denbigh, Endoscopy Unit Senior Lead. Obtaining Accreditation is a rigorous process and requires adherence to strict guidelines and meeting specified criteria. It is good for our patients as it “provides independent and impartial recognition that a service demonstrates high levels of quality. This means that patients can feel confident in their endoscopy service and be assured of receiving high quality consistent care.” For more information click here.

The Jag Assessment Team concluded that at Ashtead Hospital  “The Day Care Unit and Endoscopy suite are well proportioned, bright and modern. Staff are professional, caring and responsive and enjoy working as part of the hospital team. Enhanced sedation services are available to support patient comfort, and there is good integration between professional groups. The work undertaken to develop information around enhanced sedation is novel and supports patient choice and autonomy. There is clear evidence of development and embedding of good clinical governance, with investment made by the Hospital Manager to support this. We congratulate the service on its progress to achieving JAG accreditation ahead of the required timeline, despite the challenges presented by the COVID 19 pandemic.”