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Accessing healthcare

It is easier than you think to access private hospital treatment. At Ramsay Health Care, we offer a range of ways to fund treatment, giving you the flexibility to choose which option best suits you and your finances.
There are a variety of ways to access treatment at Ramsay Health Care; you can either pay for your treatment, use your medical insurance or be referred for NHS funded treatment.

Paying for your own treatment

Why wait for treatment? When you pay for yourself you can access treatment quickly without having to wait.

Research your options

If you want to pay for yourself and learn more about our consultants, treatment options and prices on the website, call us on 0808 258 2195 or contact us online to speak to one of our dedicated advisors. You can also research guideline pricing on our website.

Speak to our dedicated advisors

Our experienced advisors will be able to provide information on your next steps, including pricing and consultant availability, and what you can expect when you are treated at a Ramsay Hospital.
We also host complimentary information events which provide you with the opportunity to ask questions directly to our consultants. Please note these sessions do not replace a full consultation but are a great way of getting more information.

Book a consultation

Book an initial consultation to discuss your condition and treatment options with your chosen consultant. We can advise you whether or not you will need to obtain a GP referral before your appointment. Most of our consultants can see you without a GP referral.
If you have had previous tests or scans, please let us know at the time of booking and these can be obtained for review at your consultation.

Using your private medical insurance

How to use your health insurance to access treatment privately at Ramsay Health Care

GP referral

You’ll usually need to provide your insurer with a referral letter from your GP. You may have been to see your GP and have a referral letter. If you are yet to speak with your GP contact your insurer first to see if a GP referral would be required

Contact your insurer

Speak with your insurance company to determine what your policy covers you for and, importantly which consultants are accessible to you.

Book a consultation

Call us on 0808 239 5406 to book an appointment with a recognised consultant at a time to suit you.
Please ensure you have your authorisation number and insurance policy number to hand when booking this appointment and do let us know if you have had previous tests or scans to ensure these can be obtained for review at your consultation.

NHS funded treatment

Patients in England have the option to attend a Ramsay facility for NHS treatment thanks to Patient Choice.

Contact your GP

You can only access NHS appointments by contacting your GP, or in some instances your Optometrist or Dentist. Due to Patient Choice, you can choose a Ramsay Hospital as your preferred hospital for your NHS treatment, and a referral will be forwarded to our team via the Electronic Referral Service (e-RS)

Your Referral

A referral will be forwarded from your GP to our team via the Electronic Referral Service (e-RS).

Appointment confirmation

Once your GP, Optometrist or Dentist has referred you through to Ramsay Health Care, we will review the referral information and send you a confirmation letter detailing the appointment and any additional information or instructions that you may need to be aware of.

Paying for yourself?

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