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Ramsay Health Care UK - Registration Form and Patient Health Questionnaire

Please ensure you complete the registration form and Patient Health Questionnaire with your details.

Registration / Communication Form

The registration form should take a maximum of 20 minutes to complete and must be completed by all patients attending an initial appointment for a new referral.

Please be aware a new registration form will need to be completed every 6 months during your referral pathway.

You will need your hospital number to complete the form (you should be able to find this on any appointment letter we have sent to you).

In order to provide you with accurate and timely information about your appointments and treatment with us, we will need to contact you, and ensuring we use the best method of communication is vital.

If you have provided a mobile telephone number, you will receive a reminder regarding your upcoming appointments. You are able to ‘opt out’ of this service by following the instructions on your message.



Patient Health Questionnaire

Prior to your appointment, and only if requested on your apppointment letter, you should complete a Patient Health Questionnaire which can be found using the link below. This is a very important document which will include information regarding your past medical history and any medication you may be taking. Completing all the information accurately before your visit will ensure there are no delays in scheduling any treatment you may require.

Please be aware a new health questionnaire will need to be completed every 6 months during your referral pathway.

Please allow up to 40 minutes to complete your Patient Health Questionnaire.


Ramsay Health Care UK Operations Limited (“Ramsay”) is committed to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information, and to protect it from unauthorised access and disclosure.

For more information on how we use your data as part of the registration process, please visit our Privacy Policy.

When submitting information online, it is important to use an internet browser that supports Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS1.2). The browsers on the list below, and all future versions (v) released after those stated in the list below, support TLS 1.2:

Earlier versions of TLS, used by unsupported, older versions of internet browsers, are regarded as insecure. You can check which browser you are currently using and whether it is up to date on the What is my browser website.


Need Help?

If you need any help completing your form please email and we will be happy to help. For more information on how we use your data as part of the registration process, please visit our Privacy Policy. For more information on how we secure your data, please view the information in the accordion below.

Site Security Information

Site security

All information is encrypted between your computer and the Ramsay web server ensuring that communications are secure. We also conduct regular penetration tests to ensure that the server is tested for its security.


How do we encrypt?

We use SSL protocol to secure the communication. To enable SSL we have installed an SSL Certificate (provided by DigiCert® with Extended Validation (EV)) which confirms the highest level of authentication available among SSL certificates.


Level of encryption

Whilst the data is in transit we use SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption. Encryption makes it very difficult for unauthorised people to view information travelling between computers and prevents phishing, the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.


Information received by Ramsay

Submitted form information is always transferred internally from our web servers to our Appointments Team and never leaves the Ramsay internal network. Any emails with patient identifiable data will not be forwarded on to external parties.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, no patient information is stored on the website servers and is delivered directly to the Appointment Team at the hospital. The information is used solely for creating the appointment and will temporarily be filed under password protected folders on our network for a short period of time.


Cross browser compatibility

The SSL Certificate is supported for more than 99% of browsers and most mobile device browsers.

Ramsay Health Care UK is also certified to ISO 27001 standard and audited by BSi regularly.