Spetses Mini Marathon Triumph

Congratulations to Georgie Mimicopoulou, admin assistant from Ashtead Hospital for completing the Spetses Mini Marathon,  with her son in aid of St Georges Cardiac Unit. 

Georgies Story

"It will be a year at the end of October since Trevor, my husband had his heart attack. It is something you never think will happen to you or the people you love, and when it does it leaves you shaken.

But out of every bad, comes good. We were so fortunate as one of our neighbours is a paramedic and Trevor knew something was not quite right. Andy, our neighbour sussed the situation out very quickly and took Trevor off to Epsom General, who blue lighted him to St George's and straight into the operating theatre where Trevor had a stent inputted.

The care that he had a St George's was wonderful and I wanted to find a way to say thank you.

Spetses is a small Greek Island, and part of the Saronic Islands and it is where my cousin lives.  Last year I took part in the events,  which I thoroughly enjoyed and so when we were invited to take part again this year, Philip (my eldest son) and I decided to raise money for St George's Cardiac Unit. 

We arrived in Spetses on Friday night, 7th October, to a sky lit up by a thunder storm.  

On Saturday morning I was due to take part in the 3K swim, which starts on the opposite main land coast of Costa. The race was delayed for a few hours as the sea was choppy.

Approximately 400 professional and amateur swimmers take part. Through challenging and choppy waters, completed the swim in 2 hours.

The next morning we woke to a beautiful sunny day, Philip was due to take part in the 25K run. The race takes you around the entire island and Philip was able to complete the course in 2 hours 18 minutes.

The 5K run starts an hour after the 25K and an athlete from that run lapped us!

It was an amazing weekend, it is wonderful to see so many ages groups take part and just the whole camaraderie of the event stays with you.

Through people's kindness and generosity we raised over £600.00 for St George's."