Dementia Care at Fulwood Hall Hospital

People with dementia are often confused and frightened people and a stay in hospital can be unnerving for anyone at any age.

The only way to live well with dementia is to put your trust in someone else – a family member, a friend, a neighbour, a known carer. Those are the people who can reassure you if you are admitted to hospital or explain (as many times as is needed) why you are there. It’s no good a nurse telling you that the person you love and trust was here at visiting time this afternoon and will probably come again tomorrow because, with dementia, you forget. The feeling of abandonment is a terrible thing.

Carers of people with dementia must have the freedom to be with them whenever they are most needed, not to an imposed timetable. 

At Fulwood Hall Hospital we strive toinvolve carers of people with dementia from the moment they start their patient journey in our hospital until the moment of discharge.  For those patients who have carers/family who would like to stay - we extend the warmest of welcomes.

Please support John's Campaign: for the right to stay with dementia patients in hospital. Visit their site here or click to download our leaflet 

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