Breast health concerns

It is important that you see your GP if you notice that anything about your breasts has changed from what is normal for you, especially if it’s only in one breast. 

Symptoms don’t necessarily mean that you have breast cancer but changes to look out for include:

  • a change in the size, shape or feel of your breast
  • dimpling, puckering or redness of the skin
  • redness, a rash or crusting on your nipple or surrounding area
  • a change in your nipple, such as in its shape or if it turns inwards to your breast (becomes inverted)
  • a discharge from your nipple (unless you’re breast feeding)
  • bleeding from your nipple area
  • pain in part of your breast or armpit
  • swelling, thickening or a lump in your breast or arm pit

Fast diagnosis breast clinic

Our rapid access breast clinic is available to anyone with breast symptoms. During your visit your consultant will examine you and where needed refer you for a mammogram and/or breast ultrasound. A nurse will support you throughout your examination.

For 70% - 80% of women, this will be all you need to assess any breast abnormality and to give you peace of mind that there is nothing to worry about.

Further tests

Some women will also require the following additional tests:

  • Fine Needle Aspiration (including ultrasound, cytology/laboratory testing)
  • Core biopsy of breast tissue (including histology/laboratory examination)
  • Further breast care counselling sessions 

Rapid results 

In most cases the result will be available on the day, but occasionally further tests are needed to give a conclusive result.  It is important to remember that more often than not the result will be normal and you will leave the clinic with complete peace of mind.  If, however, an abnormality is detected you will receive immediate support and early access to treatment.

“I want to say thank you for the ease and speed at which I was able to arrange an appointment. I received an appointment the same day, had tests, mammogram and ultrasound that same day and my results. Simply amazed and grateful for the speed, care and service from everyone involved. Thank you”.

Next steps

  • A GP referral is always very helpful as it will provide your consultant with useful information, but the clinic is available to anyone with breast symptoms.
  • Phone us on 01206 598 746 for prices and to book an appointment within 72 hours.
  • If you are paying with your private medical insurance, please also call your insurance company to authorise your claim. 

Take a look at our Breast Clinic Leaflet with information on about the service we offer.

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