Physiotherapy assesses, diagnoses, treats and works to prevent, disease and disability using physical means. It aims to help restore movement and function and reduce pain and stiffness in disorders that were present from birth, acquired through an accident or injury, or are the result of ageing or life-changing events. Physiotherapy can improve your physical activity while helping you to prevent further injuries.

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Physiotherapy at The Yorkshire Clinic

The physiotherapy department at the Yorkshire clinic offers state of the art facilities, a wide range of treatment options delivered by experienced clinicians. Our aim is to help you return to your work, sport and leisure activities as soon as possible.

Our experienced physiotherapists have a huge array of skills and equipment with which to diagnose and treat your complaints. All staff are HCPC and CSP registered and we have both self-pay and insurance options available.

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Back and Neck

Back and Neck pain is incredibly common and can be hard to diagnose and treat. There can be a number of contributing factors such as disc injury, arthritis, neurological problems, weakness and postural insufficiency. Physio is the gold standard treatment for spinal pain with surgical options having limited success, here we can offer functional testing, tailored exercises, acupuncture, massage and more. Once your pain is under control we also have Pilates Classes available to help ensure pain does not reoccur. At the Yorkshire Clinic, our physios will endeavour to help you understand your pain whilst giving you the confidence and treatment to help you move forwards to a more active and comfortable future.


Shoulders are a complex joint combining a great degree of movement with strength and dexterity, they are also commonly injured with pain persisting for long periods. We often help people recover from dislocations, muscle or rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulders and impingement issues. Shoulders respond very well to tailored exercise programs with a large emphasis on graded recovery, our physio led shoulder class allows you to progress your rehab in a supported and tailored environment. Your physio may also help you manage your pain with supplementary treatment such as shockwave therapy whilst you focus on building strength and control.


Elbows can become painful for a number of reasons, often treated at the Yorkshire Clinic are things like tennis elbow, golfers elbow (epicondylitis) and nerve problems such as Thoracic outlet syndrome. Our shockwave machine has been proven to have excellent results with tendon problems such as epicondylitis alongside physiotherapy.


Hand pain can be exceptionally debilitating, here at the Yorkshire Clinic we have specialist hand therapists who work closely with our consultants to help treat and rehabilitate your problems be it dupuytrens, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger or otherwise. We have a wide array of splints and also frequently make custom thermoplastic splints specifically designed for you.


Hips are common joints to develop arthritis and pain in, problems in this joint can also often mask as pain the back or knee as these joints all share common musculature. You may have been told you have impingement or bursitis at the hip or even a muscle tear in your groin or hamstring, if so you would likely find benefit in our expert advice and treatment. We have a huge array of devices to treat your symptoms and state of the art gym equipment to help you return to full fitness. If you've been advised you might need joint replacement surgery you can view some information available here.


Knees being the largest joints in the body have to tolerate high impact and shear forces through the day, this makes them very commonly injured. Ligament or cartilage damage are common sporting injuries, patella-femoral pain is common in the front of the knee, and in middle to later life arthritis can become very debilitating. Following and assessment, we can give you clarity on exactly what is wrong and how to manage your symptoms as well as offering classes, such as the ACL class for patients with ligament injuries, to help you rehab in a friendly and productive environment. We are in close communication with some of the nation’s leading orthopaedic consultants and this helps us coordinate your care in an efficient way.If you've been advised you might need joint replacement surgery you can view some information available here.

Foot and Ankle

Foot and ankle conditions are complex and often aren’t well managed or understood. Ankle sprains require lots of input to prevent reoccurrence, plantar fasciitis and Achilles problems can be very persistent and painful without informed and assertive attention, and pain related to fallen arches or flat feet require varied and complex support. Here at the Yorkshire Clinic we have a great deal of advanced options not commonly accessible to help you assess, understand and treat the problem relating to your symptoms.


Cardiac and Respiratory physiotherapy isn’t widely available outside of an acute hospital setting, however here at the Yorkshire Clinic we have physiotherapists with experience of helping people both recover from and manage conditions affecting the heart and lungs. Whether it be simply getting fit, learning chest and airway clearance or recovering from surgery or illness, we can help inform you and treat you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your body.


Neurology is the study of the nervous system of the body, conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS, MND, Strokes, dementia and issue with balance or muscular tone are all routinely treated with physiotherapy. Be it to manage symptoms, achieve goals or to understand your condition, physiotherapy will likely help.

Women's and Men's Health

Women’s and Men’s Health or Pelvic Health pertains to the pelvic floor muscles and how they work to support your bladder and bowel function as well as your sexual health. Surgery, injury or pregnancy can impede the functioning of this part of your body and with support from our specialist physiotherapists can often be recovered. We have tools to help assess, scan and provide feedback on how these muscles are working, this can then better help you to understand how to improve.

Strength and Fitness

Strength and Fitness is something we should all have an understanding of and have confidence achieving. What better way to learn how best to train and perform in a safe and effective way, than with a qualified and experienced physiotherapist. We have a gym equipped with weights and machines to suit all and our team will help you feel confident and comfortable with your tailored exercise program designed to help you meet your goals safely.


Arthritis is a debilitating condition affecting the joints and is linked with the aging process. Pain is caused by inflammation that is made worse when the cartilage that lines the joint surfaces is damaged or worn. Maintaining good muscle strength and control around the joint is imperative to limit pain and maintain mobility and function. Doing this can stave off the need for surgical interventions such as joint replacements and reduce the need for medications.


Pilates classes are extremely popular ways to stay fit and recover strength in your abdominal and pelvic musculature. If you suffer from lower back pain, you may find these classes extremely helpful in reducing the severity and frequency of your flare ups. We run high and low level classes to suit all levels.

Physiotherapy Prices

Initial Assessment 1 hour -  £60.00
Follow up 30 minute session - £44.00
6 Session Package, Including 1 hour Initial Assessment - £230.00 (doesn't include shockwave)
Mummy MOT 1 hour session - £90.00
Cardiac Rehab 1 hour session - £60.00
Health MOT 1 hour session - £75.00
Fit Floor and Core Class 6 session course - £60.00
Pessary Fitting, Assessment, Fitting and 1 Follow up - £175.00
Pilates 6 session course - £60.00
Balance/falls class 6 session course - £60.00
Yoga - £10.00 per session
Shockwave - £60.00 initial appointment and £44.00 follow up
Acupuncture - £60.00 initial appointment and £44 follow up or can pay a package price £230.00 1 initial appointment and 5 follow ups



You may wish to view our Frequently asked Questions regarding Physiotherapy at The Yorkshire Clinic.

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