Patient Incredibly Impressed with Treatment Received at Woodthorpe Hospital

Patient Mr L. Gaskin was incredibly impressed with the care and treatment he received at Woodthorpe Hospital following a double hernia repair performed by Mr Ian Beckingham, General Surgeon.

"I am now 10 weeks post double inguinal hernia repair, a procedure performed by Mr Beckingham at the Woodthorpe Hospital through Bupa. It was my first experience of private medical care and I was incredibly impressed, to the point that I have recently paid the extra to include my wife on my medical cover which is provided for me through work.

I am an extremely active person, playing contract sport regularly and working in the fitness industry; so I am always fearful of medical procedures and anything would could potentially hinder my sporting performance or profession. Mr Beckingham was very good at putting my mind at ease with his confidence and extensive experience. He was also happy to answer my many questions! 

I need not to have worried. The surgery went very well and I was able to walk out of the hospital unaided after just a couple of hours. Although only short, the time I spend in the hospital was pleasant and I was very well looked after by the staff. 

After 2 days I no longer needed painkillers and within 5 days I was walking my children to school, back at work and suffering only very minor uncomfortableness when sat in the same position for too long (i.e driving long distances). I was doing light exercise from 2 weeks post surgery and back to full strength by 6 weeks; running, cycling and lifting weights. At 10 weeks post surgery I have already returned to rugby and played my first full game with zero ill effects from the surgery.

Overall I could not be happier with the outcome of my hernia repair and the treatment I received from Mr Beckingham and the team at the Woodthorpe Hospital. My recovery has far surpassed by expectations and something that I was very nervous about could not have gone better. Thank you."

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