Pinehill Hospital and East and North Hertfordshire Trust Collaborate

As part of a major deal with NHS England, Ramsay Health Care UK is providing additional emergency capacity to the NHS from all our hospitals.  This includes the provision of urgent, acute trauma, medical and cancer care.

Pinehill Hospital is working closely with East & North Hertfordshire Trust (ENHT) and has made its entire hospital capacity and staff available to help in the fight against COVID-19.  

Pinehill Hospital has also been able to release 5 ventilators to ENHT to support the need for more Intensive Care beds and a number of staff members have volunteered to work at ENHT in support of their NHS colleagues. Since 30 March, Pinehill Hospital has enabled surgeons from ENHT to undertake a large number of breast cancer, urology cancer and plastic reconstruction operations as well as a large number of urgent endoscopy procedures.

Pinehill Hospital and East and North Hertfordshire Trust have a long-standing partnership and this partnership is even more important as we stand together as one team to face the challenges ahead. 

Chris Burrows, Hospital Director at Pinehill Hospital said: “Pinehill Hospital will do everything it can to support East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust and the people of Hertfordshire at this time of crisis. We are proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder with our NHS healthcare colleagues and it is immensely satisfying to be able to offer support to a large number of patients who still need urgent treatment at this most difficult time.”