Cardiac Blood Tests

Cardiac Blood Tests at Ashtead Hospital

Cardiac blood tests are performed to check if there is anything in your blood that might indicate a heart attack or other cardiac illness. They also measure the level of substances in your blood, such as blood fats and minerals, to work out your future risk of heart disease.

Blood tests taken after a heart attack show how much of your heart muscle has been damaged. During a heart attack, substances, such as troponin protein, are released into your blood. Blood tests can measure the levels of these substances. This shows if, and how much of, your heart has been damaged.

Blood tests measure blood fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides, vitamins and minerals.

A blood test can also show how the organs in your body, such as your kidneys, liver or hormone-producing glands are functioning.

Your blood test results are used to help guide treatment and diagnosis.

Ramsay Health Care UK offer a full spectrum of cardiac blood tests. Your cardiologist can reliably request a cardiac blood test for you at a Ramsay Hospital.

You will benefit from a convenient appointment without waiting. We have free parking for easy access to your appointments.

When you visit one of our hospitals for your cardiac blood test you can rest assured that we follow strict infection control protocols for you your safety.

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