Radiology at Buckshaw Hospital

What is radiology?

Radiology uses medical imaging to look inside your body to diagnose, treat and monitor illness and injury.

There are two areas of radiology:

  • Diagnostic radiology – a range of imaging procedures produce images of the inside of your body and are carefully interpreted by a diagnostic radiologist to diagnose disease and injury.
  • Interventional radiology - uses real-time imaging techniques, such as X-rays and ultrasound, to guide biopsy samples to help diagnose cancer, inflammation, and infection; and to guide medical treatment including balloon angioplasty, cancer treatment, placing feeding tubes, gallstone treatment, uterine fibroid embolisation, and to treat collapsed spinal bones.

There are several different imaging exams. Some of the most common include X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, and PET scan.

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Flexible Cystoscopy (Female)

Flexible cystoscopy (female) is a procedure that uses a flexible telescope to look for and treat problems in your bladder.

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CT Scan

A CT scanner creates detailed images of the inside of your body. A series of images taken from different angles are processed that can identify the tiniest abnormalities in your bones, organs, and blood vessels.

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Diagnostic Laparoscopy

A diagnostic laparoscopy is keyhole surgery performed to help find the cause of symptoms such as chronic pelvic pain and infertility and to assist your doctor to make a diagnosis.

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A gastroscopy examination allows your doctor to look inside your upper digestive tract to investigate symptoms, confirm a diagnosis, and treat conditions of your stomach, oesophagus, or duodenum.

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