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Post Operation

As a day case patient, where you go immediately after your procedure will depend on the type of anaesthetic you have received. For example if you have a general anaesthetic or sedation, you will need closer monitoring for a while. You may also feel drowsy, so may need to lie down for a short time until you have recovered from the effects of your anaesthetic.

If you have had a local anaesthetic only, you won’t need as much monitoring, so will be shown to a ‘Discharge area’ where you will be able to sit for a while until you are seen by a nurse and advised you can go home. Again, dependent on your treatment, your doctor or a physiotherapist may wish to see you before you leave the hospital. We will let you know if this is the case. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, in pain or feel sick, then please let the nurse know. We will be able to help you and need to ensure that you are feeling comfortable and well enough to go home.

You will be ready to go home when:


Before you leave hospital following your procedure, please check that you have the following:


Follow-up Care

If you need to see your consultant again following your discharge, an outpatient appointment will be made before you leave or you will be notified of your appointment as soon as possible after your discharge.

If you are concerned about anything after your treatment, then please contact the hospital.

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