Artist and Fitzwilliams orthopaedic surgeon is exhibiting his paintings at Yarrow Gallery in Oundle


Fitzwilliam’s consultant orthopaedic surgeon and ex-RAF Wing Commander, Mr Gora Pathak, is currently exhibiting his ‘Brush and Blade’ artwork at Yarrow Gallery situated within the grounds of the private Oundle School, near Peterborough.

Mr. Pathak has served in the Royal Air Force for 23 years. He has been on the frontline several times in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He has always carried his charcoal or watercolours and sketch pad alongside his gas mask and other essential protective kits with the aim of capturing the atmosphere of a war zone including its frontline hospitals and operating theatres.

He recalls, “Soldier friends would laugh and say they needed to protect my paintings of them in the war.”

“Many of my paintings are of wartime, inspired by the understated and unsung bravery of the soldiers I witnessed first-hand, many of whom had just turned 18 years of age. “

The ‘Brush and Blade and Fleeting Faces’ exhibition is currently in Yarrow Gallery at Oundle School in Oundle near Peterborough. It is open Monday to Saturday from 10.30 am to 1 pm and 2.30 pm to 5 pm, and Sunday between 2.30 pm and 5 pm. This exhibition ends on Saturday 18th November 2022.

“My children have been to Oundle school and I often go to the gallery to see professional artist’s work. So, I am greatly honoured to have the opportunity to showcase my artwork there.”

Typically, Mr. Pathak uses watercolours, but he also works with pastels and oils. He paints many different subjects including portraits of family and friends, landscapes, as well as stories of the war heroes he met.

Exhibition visitors can buy some of Mr. Pathak’s prints and the proceeds will go to the school. Through his artwork and other donations, Mr. Pathak has contributed to many armed forces charities over the years including the RAF, the British Legion, and Peterborough’s war memorial.

Mr. Pathak is exhibiting alongside retired senior judge, Christopher Metcalf, who presents ‘Fleeting Faces’ of people in dramatic expressions of colour. Mr. Metcalf has many prints for sale and the proceeds of which go to a Ukrainian refugee charity.