Fitzwilliams healthcare duo to run London Marathon and raise funds for Bone Cancer Research


Fitzwilliam’s Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon, Mr Rupert Clifton, and Radiographer, Kath Berrisford, are set to run the London Marathon on 23rd April in support of the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

As a keen runner, Mr Clifton ran his first ever Half Marathon in 2017 and raised around £1200 for Bone Cancer Research. This time, he is challenging himself to a full marathon with a fundraising target of £3,000 for the same charity.

Kath ran a couple of half marathons in her 20’s. She then regained an interest in running in 2019 and was set to run the Great Eastern Run in October. Sadly, this was subsequently cancelled. But unperturbed, Kath carried on running during lockdown and she ran a half marathon in Nottingham in 2021.

Kath says, “I've always wanted to run a marathon and in particular London, having watched it on TV many years ago. But I never really thought it was something I'd be capable of.”

“When Rupert told me he'd got a place to run the London Marathon for Bone Cancer Research Trust, I decided to apply for a place myself and was delighted (but terrified) when they agreed. It's actually quite an appropriate charity for a Radiographer to support. It's going to be my first marathon so it's quite a challenge for me!”

Mr Clifton goes on to say, “My career has enabled me to see and treat patients diagnosed with primary bone cancer. Children and adults of all ages can develop bone cancer. Sadly, children as young as primary school age are often receiving a delayed diagnosis…and so many children often present too late to Orthopaedic Surgeons for limb saving or indeed lifesaving treatment.”

“Part of my aim is to again raise funds for Bone Cancer Research, to try and highlight the lack of research funding given to this devastating area of the cancer spectrum and to try and raise its often-overlooked profile.”

The Bone Cancer Research Trust is the leading charity dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer and are uniquely placed to make a difference through research, information, awareness and support. This Trust is dedicated to saving lives and improving outcomes for people affected by primary bone cancer. Despite being small, they fund more research projects exploring primary bone cancer than any other organisation.

Other large UK cancer research charities do not prioritise bone cancer patients. In 2019 just 0.028% of their research spend went to bone cancer, not even close to 1%. Last year alone, Bone Cancer Research Trust committed £807,824 to pioneering bone cancer research to help save lives and improve outcomes for people with primary bone cancer.

Kath says, “So far, I've raised close to £2000 including over £400 from a recent raffle and quiz. Training has included lots of running and running events to try and get a feeling for the atmosphere and crowds. I've also been attending bootcamp fitness sessions to increase my strength and fitness. It's getting tough at this stage with longer distances every week. I really appreciate everyone's support at the moment.”

Mr Clifton continues to say that any sponsorship money “will be giving money direct to a very deserving small charity helping raise funds for the unlucky children and adults who are diagnosed with this devastating condition… and contribute to Bone Cancer Research's lifesaving financial support to affected individuals and families.”

He concludes “It will 100% help motivate me to push through my training and hopefully endure the pain to finish the London Marathon on 23rd April.”

You can support Kath and Rupert on Kath’s Just Giving page and Rupert’s Just Giving page.