Gloucestershire hospital introduces robotic technology to revolutionise knee surgeries in the county

The Winfield Hospital is introducing brand-new robotic knee surgeries to its patients, in a move that will revolutionise knee replacement operations in the county.

ROSA is the new robotic assistant allowing surgeons to perform operations with even greater accuracy, embracing enhanced technology to ensure that new knee joint replacements are fitted and function as precisely as possible.

This new method of surgery is associated with reduced pain and need for pain medication; fewer physiotherapy sessions; shorter hospital stays; and overall improved knee function following the operation — meaning that for patients in need, there may have never been a better time to proceed with this life-changing surgery.

Despite not actually performing the surgery, the ROSA Knee System uses a series of X-rays to create a three-dimensional model of a patient's knee so that the surgeon can accurately plan and pinpoint every step of each procedure.

Using this bespoke method gives practitioners the option to choose the most suitable treatment from three clinically proven knee implant systems, based on their patients' specific needs.

Although similar to traditional knee surgery, ROSA combines precise sensors, live data and a robotic arm — which only moves when commanded to — with a surgeon's educated experience and skill, to provide a second expert opinion in the operating room that can help to make final adjustments before completing a procedure.

This revolutionary technology will help hundreds of knee surgery patients to get back to life and doing what they love the most — with crucial improved mobility.


Surgeons at Winfield Hospital have hailed the technology with Peter Kempshall claiming:

'The ROSA robot is a game changer for knee surgeons doing knee replacements.'

'Being able to accurately implant a knee replacement in an individualised position that is unique to the patient, whilst also allowing real time assessment of the patient's own ligament tensions enables me to achieve optimal function of knee replacement for a more normal feeling knee.'


Another surgeon, Navraj Atwal added:

'The fusion of precision and innovation that ROSA offers, provides the best opportunity to consistently restore mobility and a pain-free, active life for patients.'

Find out more about the procedure here.