ROSA Knee Robotic Assistant

Meet ROSA, the robotic surgical assistant that helps your surgeon to perform your knee replacement surgery. 

The ROSA knee system puts even greater accuracy1 into the experienced hands of your surgeon to make sure your knee replacement fits and functions as precisely as possible. 

With robotic assisted knee surgery associated with reduced pain, lower usage of pain relief medication, fewer physiotherapy sessions and overall improved knee function following surgery2, there has never been a better time for your knee replacement surgery.

Robotic surgery has also been linked to shorter hospital stays3 meaning you can get back to doing the things you love, sooner than you might think4.

Patient Feedback

  • My experience of the knee replacement was very good.

    My pre & post operative care was very good, with everything being explained thoroughly to me. All staff were very pleasant and convivial. 6weeks in, although still in some pain, the knee is healing very well. No problem at all with post op infections.

    Jane Wootton

  • To sum up simply I’d say the robotic knee replacement compared to me previous non robotic replacement:- “Less pain more swelling “

    To put more detail in I must add the Original replacement was some 5 years ago and memories always tend to rise tinted glasses, but I definitely reduced the pain relief this time far quicker than originally, similarly the bending was quicker this time although after exercise around the farm the robotic knee does swell more than I remember previously, it does reduce overnight but seemingly swells more below the knee. When I had concerns they were always acted upon quickly and now after 11 weeks am walking better and without pain , a little pain on inside after driving a few miles , patience wouldn’t be my greatest virtue and I am competitive and do push myself, perhaps to much at times.

    David Hunt

  • This is my first total knee replacement, so I cannot compare it with conventional surgery.. However I am delighted with the outcome and the recovery was much quicker than I expected. I was able to take the dog for short walks after only a month. I had no problem with infections and the wound healed well. The pain was well controlled when necessary, but the knee continued to swell after exercise for a couple of months.

    If I need my other knee replacing I would definitely choose robotic assisted surgery.

    Anita Bradnum

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