Lauren starts her Physiotherapy Apprenticeship

It’s not going to be easy but all the hard work will be worth it in the end



Fitzwilliam’s Senior Physiotherapy Technician, Lauren Murrell has embarked on her Physiotherapy Degree Apprenticeship at Coventry University this month.

Lauren says: “I chose to do the apprenticeship as I want to further my career progression and become a qualified Physiotherapist. I have achieved everything I can in my current role and I want a new challenge.”

“I have always been passionate about Physiotherapy. My enthusiasm started when I worked as a Personal Trainer in one of my local gyms and I was asked if I wanted to go on the ‘GP referral scheme’ course. I would see patients that had been referred by the GP and needed a specific exercise plan for a certain condition or illness or injury. This is when I knew I wanted to help people who needed it.”

“As a full-time member of staff, I already know the hospital, its policies, and our patients. By ‘growing their own’ Ramsay is creating a motivated, skilled, and qualified employee in the specialty area of Physiotherapy which can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming to recruit into.”

In her current role as Senior Physiotherapy Technician, Lauren enjoys working with both Inpatients and Outpatients. It gives her the chance to work with elective surgery joint patients on the Wards and to continue her care with them in follow-up Outpatient classes as they complete their journey with the Ramsay Physiotherapy service.  

Lauren started at Fitzwilliam last November as a member of the bank staff working weekends on the Ward. Previously Lauren had worked in various therapy roles for the last 8 years, mainly in NHS. Lauren had been looking to do an apprenticeship for a long time and knew that Ramsay offered these opportunities. So, this really is a dream come true.

“This degree apprenticeship in physio with Ramsay is the best opportunity I have had in the past 8 years of my therapy career,” continues Lauren.

“An apprenticeship is the best route for me because I learn better ‘on the job’ rather than academically. Also being a mature student and having bills to pay meant it wasn’t an option for me to study full-time and give up work. Throughout my career, I have always completed NVQs and apprenticeships rather than being in full-time education. The apprenticeship is perfect for me!”

The 4-year BSc Physiotherapy Integrated Degree Apprenticeship requires Lauren to attend Coventry University once a week on a Wednesday between 9 am and 6 pm. The rest is self-directed study and Lauren knows this is going to be difficult to juggle sometimes with work and life. Lauren will be on placements in the second, third, and fourth years of her course. They will be at different trusts and hospitals working in different areas including acute, neuro, and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.

Lauren concludes: “I try and put my learning into action at work whilst still working within my scope of practice.  It’s not going to be an easy 4 years but I know I have a great team behind me who will help and support me. All the hard work will be worth it in the end.”