Fitzwilliam hospital introduces Menstrual and fertility clinic

We are delighted to announce that Miss Salma Noor will now offer a menstrual and fertility clinic at the Fitzwilliam Hospital,

Miss Noor is a passionate consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, whose professional experience within the areas of laparoscopic surgery and reproductive medicine is highly regarded. Her new clinic at the Fitzwilliam Hospital will offer a one-stop menstrual disorders clinic for women with concerns regarding ongoing menstrual disorders, as well as a fertility assessment service designed for women who would like to better understand their fertility in order to help them plan for when might be the best time to start a family.


A one-stop menstrual disorders clinic

The one-stop menstrual disorders clinic will offer an assessment, diagnosis and treatment for women with bleeding problems. Menstrual irregularities occur in an estimated 14% to 25% of women of childbearing age[1]. Miss Noor understands both the prevalence of menstrual problems and its impact on a woman’s day to day life, and as a result is opening this clinic to offer the support required for women with these issues.Miss Noor’s advice for the treatment of these menstrual disorders is based on the latest research within the field. For instance, to investigate and treat period problems and related health conditions, such as endometriosis for example, Miss Noor will regularly perform minimally invasive surgeries (MIS); a procedure that offers patients several benefits, those of which include smaller incisions, faster recovery periods and reduced pain and scarring. Similar techniques are used in her approach to hysterectomies also.

Miss Noor performs hysteroscopic surgery and endometrial ablation on an outpatient basis. Whereas her laparoscopy treatment of endometriosis and ovarian cysts, and her trans cervical resection of fibroids (TCRF) are day case procedures. She explains, “NICE guidelines recommend laparoscopic surgery for the treatment of endometriosis and endometrioses if fertility is a priority for the woman, as it not only helps relieve pain, but it also improves the chances of spontaneous pregnancy.”


A fertility assessment service

The fertility assessment service that Miss Noor will also be providing, will allow for women to gain a better understanding of their fertility; an understanding that will help the patient plan their life ahead. A woman’s fertility starts to decline in her early 30s, with the decline speeding up after the age of 35. Meaning that as women get older, the speed with which they are able to conceive will slow down and their chances of having a baby will decrease. As Miss Noor explains, “The reason fertility declines in women as they age, is because they begin life with a fixed number of eggs in their ovaries, and this number of eggs decreases as they get older. In conjunction to this, the quality of a woman’s eggs reduces over time. If there are no other issues at play, then the number and quality of the women’s eggs determines her fertility."

However, research shows that many women aren’t aware of how early their fertility can begin to decline and how quickly his process can happen.

“A fertility assessment is a very useful tool for child bearing aged women who would like to have a baby at some point. They may wish to start a family now or in the future and so the information that will be provided at my clinic can allow patients to make informed choices and decisions about when to try for a family.” Miss Noor adds.
She continues, “The results of the clinic, along with the patient’s personal circumstance, will help when it comes to making important decisions such as whether to postpone trying for a baby, whether to begin trying to conceive naturally now, as well as things such as egg freezing and fertility treatment.”

If you would like to book an appointment with Miss Noor at the Fitzwilliam Hospital, please contact us via phone on 01733 842 304, or visit our website: