New MRI scanner will give Fitzwilliam patients more comfort, speed, and higher image quality

Fitzwilliam Hospital is very excited to offer its patients a new MRI scanning experience from 6th June 2022. The Siemens Sola 1.5T Tesla MRI scanner offers extremely high performance in a larger wide-bore scanner.

Using the latest hardware and software including BioMatrix technology, the new MRI scanner provides consistent, high-quality personalized exams with increased productivity. Robust and reliable results for every patient to support their diagnosis. It will improve scan efficiency and enhance the patient’s experience. 

“Our MRI upgrade allows us to offer advanced technology imaging services for our patients,” Mark Milton, Lead MRI Radiographer at Fitzwilliam Hospital, said. “The new MRI machine not only provides improved image quality but it is larger and wider than its predecessor. It also has upgraded features that are designed to make a patient’s experience more comfortable during their scan.”

“Sometimes patients struggle with MRI because they are anxious or have claustrophobia or their position makes them uncomfortable,” Mark Milton continued. “This upgrade to a wider-bore MRI will help reduce claustrophobia. It includes more patient comfort measures such as unique coils that can flexibly adapt to patients’ bodies while they undergo MRI exams.”

“Fitzwilliam’s Radiology department is well designed, focusing on our patient’s journey, offering a relaxed, dignified and professional MRI diagnostic service. We carefully chose this MRI scanner with our patient’s needs at the forefront of our decision-making and to support our service provision.” 

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a non-invasive imaging technology that produces three-dimensional detailed body images. It is used as a diagnostic tool for a large range of conditions from gynaecological conditions such as endometriosis to musculoskeletal problems such as prolapsed discs in the spine. 

MRI appointments at The Fitzwilliam Hospital will be available Monday to Saturday by appointment only with a consultant or GP referral. A detailed assessment is required by the referring clinician to ensure the correct examination and modality within Radiology is requested.