World Champion Body Builder’s Career is Extended with Cortisone Injection by Charismatic Spinal Surgeon at Fitzwilliam Hospital



A Stamford gym owner, Nick Swann, joined the world of body building aged 55. Within 6 years he had competed in 16 shows and reached the pinnacle of his body building career. In 2021 he won the prestigious Arnold Classic Europe Bodybuilding competition for the second time in three years and went on to win the esteemed IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) World Championship Title in the Masters Over 60s category.

Then Nick realised the strength in his right arm was substantially weaker than his left arm and he was feeling pain. He thought his body building days were numbered. He had a private MRI shoulder scan but this showed nothing unusual.

Nick was then referred to Mr Ivan Vidakovic, complex spinal surgeon at Fitzwilliam Hospital in Peterborough. Mr Vidakovic delivers all spinal treatments from top to bottom. 

A cortisone neck injection includes a steroid medication to relieve pain and inflammation over time and an anaesthetic to provide immediate pain relief. 

After the injection Nick went to the recovery area for an hour before going home. The next day he was in the gym training. He had a 3-week holiday and then returned to the gym. 

“My recovery has been superb. My muscles feel back up to 90 to 95% strength."

What is more, Nick is now back training for his next competition. This cortisone injection has allowed Nick to carry on his Pro Card career as a professional bodybuilder.