Tixel at Westbourne Centre

Tixel is a treatment in which the power of heat is harnessed to freshen the skin - perfect for patients that are not ready for a surgical option.

Tiny probes heated to 400 degrees centigrade touch the skin momentarily. It employs direct heat, that is used in a controlled manner. This helps to reduce skin blemishes, tighten pores, improve acne scars and triggers the skin to make new collagen, which can be lost through the ageing process.

Patients who have sun damaged skin have also found this treatment very effective as it can reverse the signs of sunspots and aged skin from UV.

Patients who have sun damaged skin have also found this treatment very effective as it can reverse the signs of sunspots and aged skin from UV.

What areas does Tixel treat?

  1. Tired and ageing skin
  2. Fine lines, wrinkles, poor skin texture
  3. Upper lip lines
  4. Prominent pores
  5. Acne scars
  6. Pigmentation
  7. Heavy eyelids
  8. Sun damage

Also great for people who do not wish to opt for surgery or who are not quite ready for surgery. For patients who have already had surgery, this treatment is a great way of maintaining results.

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