Patient Stories

There is no better way than a face-to-face meeting to determine if a consultant is the right health care partner for you, but prior to a consultation it may help to read about the experiences of some of the other people who have had similar treatments.

The patient stories listed below are all genuine experiences written by our patients (some names have been changed to protect identities). You can also read our patient reviews on NHS ChoicesFacebook and Google.

If you are a patient who would like to write a review, we would be grateful if you could share your experience via one of the following pages: Write a Google reviewWrite a Facebook reviewWrite an NHS Choices review or Write a Doctify review.

If you'd like to share your experience on this patient stories page, please contact the team on 0121 456 8140.


Gillian Newbould

Gillian had two breast augmentation procedures with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. Read about why she chose to have surgery under local anaesthetic with sedation....

I decided to have breast augmentation surgery after having my three children. I had breastfed each of them for two years which had sadly left me without any breast tissue. I felt very down and had little confidence in how I looked...

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Bonnie had a breast augmentation procedure with Mrs Effie Katerinaki. Read her story…  

Cosmetic surgery is something that I’ve always wanted and been open to and, as I got older and my body changed, that feeling never went away. However, having never had surgery, I developed a fear of general anaesthetic. My fear is that I would die...

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Colin had cataract surgery with Mr Nicholas Glover. Read his story... 

They say you don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it and, in the case of my sight, that is true! Until I began to lose my sight, I had never really valued it and I believe that it is something we all take for granted. 

My eyesight before the surgery was so poor, I had trouble seeing colours and...

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Hannah had a breast augmentation procedure with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. Read her story…  

The Decision  
Ever since I was a teenager I had always wanted bigger boobs. Having small boobs knocked my confidence and I had never been happy with my body.

A year ago, I...

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Husband and wife, Stephen and Pauline, both had lens replacement surgery with Mr Mark Wevill. Pauline tells their story...

The Decision
We had been considering lens replacement surgery for around 18 months, after seeing an advert on TV. We were advised by our optician at the time to be very...

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60 Year old Lady

Elizabeth had breast reduction surgery with Mr Fazel Fatah.

To help her prepare for her surgery, Elizabeth decided to write a blog about her journey. You can see the full blog (including her progress photos) on the Realself website:

I have thought about this for decades..

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R Cabral

Rachel recently had a breast augmentation procedure with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. Read her story…

The Decision
I had, for as long as I remember, always been self-conscious of my breasts as I always felt that they were too small, so a boob job was always something I had considered....

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Julie* from Hull had breast reduction surgery with Mrs Effie Katerinaki. Read her story…

The Decision
Ever since I was a teenager I have always had large breasts and upon turning 30 and having two children, things started to go south. Not only was I fed up with having to...

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Audrey had a cataract removal procedure with Mr Maged Nessim. Read about her experience... 

As soon as I entered The Westbourne Centre the friendly, efficient and professional staff made me feel at ease. Everyone was so kind and patient and everything was clearly explained.  

On the day of the...

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Helen Miller

Helen had breast enhancement surgery with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. Read her story...

The Decision 
For as long as I can remember I have always been unhappy with my breasts. Even as a teenager I always felt they were too small and after I had children only grew unhappier with them. 

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Claire Weston

Claire had breast augmentation surgery with Mr Fazel Fatah. Read her story...  

The Decision 

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted bigger boobs. As a teenager, I would spend countless hours wishing for my boobs to be bigger and even plotted with my best friend to have...

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Christine had a facelift with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. Read her story...

At the beginning of last year I went through a very traumatic phase in my life, I lost a lot of weight very quickly and consequently my face suffered. I lost confidence and didn't want to look at myself in the mirror, I became a hermit and...

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Wendy Hughes

Wendy had both a mastopexy and browlift with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. Read her story...

I was looking at my Sunday newspaper and a certain page caught my eye; it read that a lady had had breast implants as a day...


Sue Squire

I have always wanted larger breasts, but the thought of having a General Anaesthetic put me off, so when I read an article in a magazine about having breast surgery under Local Anaesthetic.

Iit stuck in my mind and I looked up The Westbourne Centre on the internet, asked for some details and I also watched the video clip from 'This Morning' TV programme on the homepage of The Westbourne Centre's website, which shows some of the operation taking place. I had...

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Jan, a lovely 60 year old lady from the West Midlands, had a jowl and facelift with fat grafts to her cheeks, to rejuvenate her appearance.  Here is her story.

Having had previous surgery with Mr Fatah I knew I would be in safe hands at the Westborne Centre,
I had had procedures under General Anaesthetic in the past which meant me having to have a few days in Hospital post op; so when I had my consultation with Mr Fatah and he explained that I...

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Simon Greenfield

For years I had been unhappy with the appearance of my ears and in June of this year, I finally decided to look into corrective surgery.

I first became aware of The Westbourne Centre when searching the internet for places in the West Midlands to have ear pinning surgery carried out. After reading positive feedback, I decided to arrange a consultation with Mr Nishikawa.

During the consultation, Mr Nishikawa was completely realistic about...

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Delia Spencer

“Simply the Best”

Equisite stitching, re-created cheeks and 'wide-awake' eyes were all delivered by Mr Nishikawa when he performed my face and eye lift in January. The minimal bruising and the horrid swelling is a distant memory, leaving a woman looking 10-15 years younger than previously. 

In addition to Mr Nishikawa's skill, he is a surgeon who listens, is gentle and surely capable of the most natural...

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Mr A

To Tracey, Jeremy and Martin.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your hard work, dedication and support in helping me with my dental problem.

I am so grateful to you all, hopefully my tooth is on the mend for a while now.

You are all so amazingly talented, have great ecpertise and I have complete trust in your advice.

You are an absolute credit to The Westbourne Centre, they are very lucky to have you working there.

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Mr S

I write to say 'thank you' to the staff and surgeon at The Westbourne Centre in connection with cataract removal procedures on both my eyes earlier this year.

The clinic looked after me very well and the staff helped me to minimise any anxiety and concerns I may have had.

SS, Edgbaston - Cataract removal with Mr Wevill

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Mrs P

Several years of toothache, gum recession and infection led to tooth loss and inevitably dentures in my forties.  Over the last twenty years, due to the poor fit and design of my dentures, lack of confidence and low self-esteem have followed.

Faced with further misery I researched the idea of dental implants as a means of providing a more secure anchorage for my lower denture to replace the fixative glue widely sold to denture wearers. My search led me,...

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Thank you all from a very happy woman with a great smile.

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr Summerwill, a very professional consultant in restorative dentistry, and his superb team in helping me to achieve a long term wish of having dental implants.

From my first consultation his warm, caring and reassuring manner made me feel totally relaxed and gave me hope that my pride could be restored.

My treatment plan consisted over a period...

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I have decided to have my surgery with The Westbourne Centre and would just like to tell you that besides the good reviews of the surgeon that I have chosen, the main reason I have chosen Westbourne is because of the amazing service I have received from Stephanie.

Every time I have emailed Stephanie, I have been given a very quick reply. Her replies have been very informative and very helpful (my last email I asked her to answer over 10 questions!!). I...

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Sophie recently won a competition through The Westbourne Centre's Facebook page and received a complimentary HydraFacial treatment. She enjoyed her experience so much, she wrote in to tell us.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting The Westbourne Centre to claim my prize, a £95 MD HydraFacial.

Firstly what a warm welcome into a lovely environment. The staff were a pleasure to meet. As was Leisha the therapist who carried out my...

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Carly Hill from Surrey had a surgery to replace PIP implants with Mr Nishikawa using a local anesthetic and sedation; the results were well worth travelling from Surrey for.

I have recently had my 3 month post op check up with Mr Nishikawa at The Westbourne Centre, after finding out I had PIP Implants. I have to say the care, attention to detail and courtesy I received was second to none, from my initial consultation right the way through to my final check...

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Joanne Redbourne

Dear Sir, I have been attending the Westbourne Centre since October 2012 and I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation of Joanne Redbourne.

I consulted her regarding facial treatment in preparation for my daughter’s wedding in August 2013. 

She carried out a number of tests and recommend Obagi.  Joanne fully explained the present condition of my skin and exactly how Obagi would be beneficial.  It was obvious that she...

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Janet Lombardi

Procedures: MACS Facelift, Upper Blepharoplasty, Liposuction to chin and Fat Transfer to lips and cheeks.

Like thousands of women during my early/mid 50's, I looked in the mirror and did not recognise the face that looked back at me. My only problem was that I was just not prepared or happy to live with the new mirrored image BUT equally I was afraid of the horror stories where cosmetic surgery has had dire consequences. Even celebrities paying top prices...

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Jaenette Barton

In 2004, I was lucky enough to be recommended to Hiroshi Nishikawa via my GP as at this time I was very conscious about my baggy eyes and 'turkey' neck. In those days, the only solution was a full face-lift and blepharoplasty for my eyes. The results were amazing, although the down-time was substantial.

So when in 2011, it was clear that things needed a little 'tightening', I had no hesitation in returning to Mr Nishikawa to see what he could do. As usual,...

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Sue Owen

I arrived at The Westbourne Centre and was taken through the procedure and aftercare with Fiona (cosmetic nurse) and the Consultant.

The procedure took about 3/4 of an hour for the skin above my top lip to be lasered. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing in my opinion to worry about.

The very first time I looked in the mirror, I have to say was pretty scary. Fiona reassured me that the next day it would not look so bad and I was to...

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Katherine Woodley

I had wanted Breast Enlargement surgery for many years. After breast feeding two children, I was left a size smaller (32B) and this prompted me to pursue Breast Augmentation. I visited two well known clinics, but was disappointed by the heavy use of sales teams and they didn't listen to me when I asked for a natural result. I was also not sure how I could justify staying in hospital overnight for a cosmetic procedure and one company even wanted me to travel to...

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I am now nearly 7 weeks post op after having my PIP implants replaced by Mr Fatah at The Westbourne Centre.

The care I have received is nothing short of outstanding from the first point of contact when I mademy initial enquiries right through to my consultation, operation and post operative care.

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