Before Your Stay

There are a few points to remember before you come into hospital for your treatment:

Registration Form

The registration document forms part of your contract with us. Please ensure you complete this to the best of your ability when it is provided to you.

Medical Questionnaire

You will have received a medical questionnaire. If you have not already returned your completed questionnaire, please ensure it is sent to us within 48 hours of receipt. It is vital that you answer the questions as accurately as possible as it enables us to be informed of any special medical needs you may have, and ensures that you are safely prepared for your anaesthetic.

Please note: Your procedure may be postponed if we do not receive this questionnaire.

Using your Private Medical Insurance

For private patients, if you have decided to use your medical insurance you may be asked to complete a claim form. This will need to be submitted to your Insurer ahead of your admission.

You will also need to provide an authorisation number to ensure your claim is handled efficiently. More information is provided overleaf.

Patient Choice

Patient Choice is a government initiative introduced to give NHS patients more choice about where, when and what time they are treated. NHS patients in England who require hospital treatment can now choose any participating hospital in the country that can meet their needs. One of your options could be a Ramsay Health Care hospital or treatment centre.

The current NHS waiting time from seeing your General Practitioner to treatment is a maximum of 18 weeks. 

The Primary Care Trust (PCT), who funds your NHS treatment, sets guidelines for waiting times within these maximums. If you wish to have your Consultation, procedure or treatment sooner, you may wish to consider continuing your treatment as a private patient rather than remaining as an NHS patient.

This gives you an option to have your appointment or treatment at a date and time which is convenient to you and fits in with your family and work commitments.

Other Information

Infection prevention and control

All of our hospitals have strict nursing and cleaning procedures which greatly reduce the risk of infection. Please ensure you have a shower or bath with unperfumed soap on the evening before or on the day of your surgery to further reduce the risk of a wound infection. Please do not shave the area on or around your operation site prior to admission.

Consent to treatment

We will always ask for your consent before initiating a clinical intervention, examination or treatment; and will ensure that you have enough information to enable you to make your decision. You will always be able to discuss your treatment further or change your mind at any stage during your journey.


During your treatment, you have the option of having a chaperone present. This may provide reassurance and comfort, especially during intimate examinations.

Please note: Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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