Duchy Green Team Launch

Duchy Hospital is taking climate action; forming long-lasting habits that are good for people and the planet. Health, wellbeing, community, biodiversity – all of it matters!

The team have pledged to recycle, prevent pollution and slow climate change! To encourage family and friends to follow the 3 R’s - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, and to conserve energy and water to help protect the environment for a better planet earth!

Duchy Hospital wants to help the environment! Some of the changes the Green team have made to date are below:

- Meat Free Mondays, made using fresh local produce.
- Portion sizes reduced to save food wastage.
- Fruit and Veg boxes now returned to supplier
- Did you know the plastic pots used for coleslaw and beetroot are compostable!
- Waste recycling introduced across the hospital
- Composting introduced in the kitchen.
- Light survey completed, rolling replacement to switch to LED
- All medicines blisters are now recycled in partnership with Superdrug.
- Walking and cycling more
- Reduce sending unnecessary emails
- Using reusable bottles and bags