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Blakelands Hospital located in Milton Keynes opened in 2006 and is a purpose built day case unit that provides convenient, effective and high quality treatment for patients who are medically insured, self-paying and funded by the NHS. Equipped with an onsite Imaging Department offering X-Ray, Ultrasound and MRI and a dedicated Physiotherapy Unit complete with rehabilitation gym, the Treatment Centre is perfectly designed for orthopaedic care.

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What our patients say

  • I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the wonderful treatment I received at Blakelands last Wednesday. I was feeling quite apprehensive but your calm manner soon calmed me down. The operation on my feet went very smoothly and thanks to you I felt very little pain. Once again my sincere thanks for everything you did. 

  • Just want to say a big thank you to Dr Moosavi for his time and expertise this morning. He was very caring throughout. And thanks to Amy as well for her care and expertise. Thanks to both.

  • Have been going to Blakelands for treatment since 2016, their care (although very busy) is the best I have ever experienced, they take time to make you at ease, I would never go anywhere else given the choice, the surgeons are very reassuring and explain the procedure clearly.

  • I had awake subacromial decompression keyhole surgery in May. The recovery was really quick and I didn't have much downtime as I didn't have the general anaesthetic. The sedation made me completely relaxed and the block made the procedure completely pain free. I watched as Mr Srinivan performed the surgery. The surgery nurse and team were great. High level of care.

  • Went here yersterday for a biopsy. Everyone on was lovely but especially a gentle who was in surgery yersterday. Not sure name was ian or Neil can't remember. If it wasent for him helping me through it yersterday wouldn't able to have it do. Thanks very much for looking after me.

  • Have to say i was well impressed from start to finish, from initial check in at reception, i was in and out in 90min and the care, attention and level of professionalism was first class. Thank you Ramsay Health Care!

  • Attended Blakelands hospital this morning to see Mr Marek, the appointment was for my husband who also has dementia. We have seen this consultant a number of times over the past few years and he has carried out three orthopaedic operations too. This morning my husband was told why he has been experiencing pain flares to his left knee and that no surgery was necessary at this time. Very reassuring particularly as the type of dementia my husband has is behavioural and he doesn’t trust many people, but Mr Marek puts him at his ease every time we see him so my husband was confident with everything that was said, a very positive outcome and as his carer I appreciate the time given to us both. Thank you so much.

  • I feel I have experienced the best of care, from reception to leaving the hospital. Everything was efficient , friendly and reassuring, removing any stress I might have felt. All procedures were fully explained and questions were encouraged and replied to in the most friendly way. All staff introduced themselves , and while in recovery any staff going by was either offering refresments, or checking I was fine, all making eye contact with me which is very important. There were no delays at any time. I have come home with a very clear plan of action for wound care and pain mangement ( I am lucky to experience very little pain so far). I feel I have received 5 star treatment from amazing professional. I will fully recommend Blakesland Hospital to any one asking my opinion. Thank you to the whole team, a shing example of how it should be done everywhere.



Hear from our members of staff and hospital director, Shirley Bishop, sharing the patient journey at Blakelands Hospital. Including what the patients to expect, the friendly staff at the hospital, the procedures available and more.

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