General Medicine

General medicine is the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of acute and long-term medical conditions and symptoms. It is often called internal medicine and is an extremely broad speciality.

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What is General Medicine?

General medicine is the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of acute and long-term medical conditions and symptoms. It is often called internal medicine and is an extremely broad speciality.
We're proud to work with highly experienced consultant physicians across the diverse medical fields of rheumatology, endocrinology, haematology, respiratory medicine, pain management and elderly care.
Our physicians focus on the early investigation of unexplained and worrying symptoms including shortness of breath, stomach pain, high temperature, fatigue and fainting. They work in multidisciplinary teams to holistically diagnose and treat a patient's condition rapidly. They also treat and manage a range of long-term illnesses such as diabetes and respiratory problems.

Elderly Care

Elderly care is the diagnosis, management and treatment of senior patients who typically have multiple medical conditions, are on numerous medications and often require specialist support. 

We often see patients with poor cognition (dementia, Alzheimer’s and delirium), continence issues, frailty, presbycusis, osteoporosis and those who have Parkinson’s disease, strokes, difficulty walking or have fallen.

Our orthopaedic and general surgeons provide acute medical care, joint services, rehabilitation, and memory services. We also offer preventative advice and regular support to reduce the likelihood of illness and accidents occurring in the future.


Endocrinology cares for patients with hormone-related diseases that are caused by their endocrine system. 

Glands and organs that produce hormones include your pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries and testes. Endocrinology diseases include diabetes, osteoporosis, menopause, metabolic disorders, underactive and overactive thyroid problems, endocrine gland cancers (thyroid and pancreas), infertility (polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and low thyroid hormone levels).

Our experienced endocrinologists investigate and diagnose endocrine conditions, develop treatment and management plans, and prescribe medication to restore hormone balance.

For more information see our endocrinology page.


Haematology is the science or study of blood and blood diseases.

Our haematologists diagnose and treat patients with blood and bone marrow disorders. These are wide-ranging and include conditions of anaemia, haemophilia and clotting disorders as well as cancer conditions such as leukaemia, myeloma and lymphoma. They perform blood tests, biopsies, chemotherapy and transfusions. 

For more information see our haematology page.

Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting your respiratory system, including your nose, throat, larynx, windpipe, lungs and diaphragm.

Our respiratory medicine consultants see patients with symptoms such as breathlessness, coughing or wheezing or who have an abnormal chest x-ray. 

They perform lung function tests and diagnose and treat a range of lung conditions and breathing problems. These include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer, cystic fibrosis, sleep-related breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnoea, lung disease including tuberculosis or TB, and pulmonary vascular disorders. Lifestyle and education coaching is provided for smoking cessation and breathing exercises.

For more information see our respiratory page.


Rheumatology is the diagnosis, treatment and management of inflammatory (rheumatic) diseases which can affect your bones, joints, muscles and soft tissues. 

It includes inflammatory joint diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis; degenerative joint diseases, for example, osteoarthritis; autoimmune diseases including lupus, scleroderma, myositis; metabolic bone disorders, such as osteoporosis; crystal arthropathies for example gout or pseudogout; and musculoskeletal infections.

Our rheumatology consultants aim to help patients better manage their pain and functionality of musculoskeletal conditions to promote well-being and improved quality of life.

For more information see our rheumatology page.

Pain Management

Pain management involves educating and supporting patients to manage their pain effectively.

Our pain management consultants aim to reduce the burden of pain, improve self-management, encourage mobility, and reduce the negative psychological impact of pain. It may not be possible to cure long-term pain but with effective pain management, patients can enjoy a better quality of life despite their pain.

Common pain management techniques our consultants use include drug therapy, joint and spinal injections, nerve injections, ultrasound and x-ray guided injections, physical exercise with stretching and strengthening exercises, stress management, and psychological support.

For more information see our pain management page.

Complimentary Patient Advice

Our expert consultants are committed to offering excellent care as soon as you need it; that's why they dedicate time to offer complimentary advice, with no obligation, so you can be sure before making a decision. Hear and speak to a Consultant within the speciality of your choice; get the information you need and all your questions answered to help you make a decision on your next steps in your healthcare journey.

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