One-Stop Haematuria

The One-Stop Haematuria Clinic is a service available to NHS patients (Choose and Book) and Private patients.

Consultant Urologist, Mr Alister Campbell offers this one-stop clinic on Saturday mornings, for patients who have blood in their urine.

Designed to take no more than 30 to 40 minutes, patients are first counselled and consented, followed by a urine analysis with a dedicated nurse. They are then brought into a minor operation room where Mr Campbell will perform the initial consultation followed by a urological ultrasound and flexible cystoscopy (if indicated). The aim will be to provide the patient with a diagnosis the same day.
A video camera system allows patients to visualise any abnormalities found. If indicated, TURBT will be carried out at New Hall Hospital, as will subsequent check flexible cystoscopies.

Patients referred using the NHS Choose and Book system for the One-Stop Haematuria Clinic at New Hall Hospital will incur the same costs to PCT (Primary Care Trust) as a similar referral to an NHS Hospital.

Patients diagnosed with Urological Cancer on the CAB system no longer need to be re-referred to their Regional Cancer Service if their Cancer treatment can not be carried out at New Hall Hospital. 

For further information, please contact either your GP, or New Hall Hospital Customer Services on 01722 435149.

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