One Stop Breast Clinic

Springfield Hospital's One-Stop Diagnosis Breast Clinic has been developed to help ease the anxiety of breast symptoms, such as the discovery of a breast lump.

Fast Appointments

The One Stop Rapid Diagnosis Breast Clinic is held at Springfield Hospital. This clinic is available to anyone, male or female with breast symptoms. You can self-pay or use your private medical insurance.

We always aim to see you as soon as possible as we know what a worrying time this can be. 

Simply call us on 01245 234 040 and we will do everything we can to ensure you are seen as quickly as possible. 

On the spot tests

A consultant breast surgeon will lead your care. During your visit the surgeon will examine you and where needed, refer you for a mammogram and/or breast ultrasound.

If necessary a fine needle test and/or core biopsy may be required, to exclude any abnormalities within a lump that has been discovered.

Please be aware of the likelihood of some waiting time during your clinic visit to allow all tests to be performed.

Quality Care

A dedicated team of specialists are on standby in the clinic to care for your specific needs when you are worried about breast problems.

The professional team includes:

  • A consultant breast surgeon
  • Mammography specialists radiographer (to take mammogram pictures)
  • A consultant breast radiologist (to read the result of the mammogram, ultrasound scans and undertake biopsies)
  • Breast care nurse (to offer information, support and counselling)

Rapid Results

In most cases the result will be available on the day, but occasionally further tests are needed to give a conclusive result. Support is provided by a breast care nurse who offers emotional support and if necessary can guide you through the treatment options as well as providing ongoing care for patients who may require surgery.

Breast Care Advice

Breast changes to seek advice about

It is important that if you notice changes in your breasts from what is normal for you, especially if it's only in one breast. These symptoms dont necessary mean that you have breast cancer, but it is always adviseable to get yourself checked either at Springfield Hospital One Stop Rapid Diagnostic Breast Clinic or with your GP.

Breast changes to look out for include:

  • A change in the size, shape or feel of your breast
  • Dimpling, puckering of redness of skin
  • Redness, a rash or crusting on your nipple or surrounding areas
  • A change in your nipple, such as in its shape or if it turns inwards towards your breast (becomes inverted)
  • A discharge from your nipple (unless you're breast feeding)
  • Bleeding from your nipple area
  • Pain in part of your breast or armpit
  • Swelling, thickening or a lump in your breast or arm pit


The cost of the full examination will vary depending on the tests required to obtain a definitive result.

Package A - £500
- initial consultation with mammogram* OR ultrasound

Package B - £700
 - initial consultation with mammogram* AND ultrasound

Upright stereo-tactice vacuum assisted biopsy - £2,489

Stereo-tactic biopst - £1,239

Core biopsy - £1,095

Fine needle aspiration including ultrasound an cytology - £270 (additional radiologist fees apply)

*Typically a mammogram will not be offered to anyone under the age of 40 years due to the breast tissue being too dense, therefore if you are under the age of 40, you will be offered an ultrasound unless discussed otherwise by the consultant breast surgeon.

How do I book?

The clinic is available to anyone with breast symptoms, male or female. If you are paying for yourself, simply call us on 01245 234 040 to make an appointment. 

If you are using private medical insurance, please call your insurance company to get an authorisation number, then call us to book an appointment.

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