Surgery for Chloesteatoma

Surgery for Chloesteatoma at Stourside Hospital

Surgery for cholesteatoma is an operation to remove abnormal skin growth behind your eardrum in the middle ear that is called a cholesteatoma. It is performed to prevent discharge from your ear, hearing loss and other possible complications.

Ramsay Health Care UK’s specialist ENT surgeons offer an expert assessment of your symptoms and medical history and an examination of the inside of your ear using an otoscope. Your consultation with one of our experts and any surgery are performed without waiting. .

Your Ramsay ENT surgeon will be able to safely remove your cholesteatoma cyst using the appropriate surgery and repair any parts of your ear that need it. They will discuss this fully with you beforehand at your consultation. .

Patient and staff safety is our primary concern. All Ramsay hospitals follow strict protocols to prevent infection, including Covid 19.

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