I can finally stop wearing a padded bra!

Claire had breast augmentation surgery with Mr Fazel Fatah. Read her story...  

The Decision 

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted bigger boobs. As a teenager, I would spend countless hours wishing for my boobs to be bigger and even plotted with my best friend to have cosmetic surgery abroad, thinking that this would be the cheaper option. However, as an 18-year-old trainee dental nurse I couldn’t afford a trip to Benidorm never mind a breast enlargement!

During my twenties, the cost of a boob job was always the big issue and there were times when I would have happily settled for the cheapest option so long as I could have it. But deep down I knew that this would probably not result in the best outcome and if I were going to have plastic surgery I wanted it to be with an experienced plastic surgeon.

Everything changed when I turned 31. I came out of a 12-year relationship and my life started down a different path. I lived on my own and focused all my attention into my health and fitness, losing a considerable amount of weight, and unexpectedly meeting a new man in the process. Suddenly my life plans were tipped on their head, I was thinking more about my future.

I started researching again and began giving a breast enlargement procedure some serious consideration. This time, however, it was different, more real. I was in a good financial position with a supportive partner and nothing was standing in my way. I decided it was time to do something for myself before I had children and it was no longer about just me anymore. So, I grabbed the bull by the horns and booked myself a consultation with Mr Fazel Fatah, a plastic surgeon at The Westbourne Centre.

The Consultation 
I was very excited going into my consultation and I brought my partner along with me for some moral support (and for another pair of listening ears)!

I spoke with Mr Fatah in detail about the look I wanted to achieve from my breast augmentation procedure. During the consultation, he asked how many children I’d had to lose such volume in my breasts - my answer was none! Though I was surprised, in a strange way I found it satisfying to know that I was justified in feeling self-conscious about my deflated, small breasts.

My biggest concerns regarding the surgery were whether the breast implants would have an impact on my running (I’m a keen marathon runner), if they would they would affect my ability to breast feed in the future and if there would be an increased risk of breast cancer. Thankfully, Mr Fatah reassured me that breast implants would have no bearing on the risks of breast cancer nor would they stop me from breast feeding or running.

I left my consultation feeling happy and couldn’t wait to book in for my surgery!

The Surgery 
The day of my surgery was a weird mix of nerves and excitement. I had been waiting for this day for a very long time and now it was all finally becoming reality so it was a little overwhelming to say the least!

The procedure went according to plan and thanks to the sedation I don’t remember a thing. I just couldn’t wait for my cup of tea and some lunch.

Having the breast enlargement procedure under local anaesthetic with sedation was great as I didn’t feel sick and I was able to manage the pain well. The first evening was spent camped out on the sofa watching the Brit Awards, or at least attempting to watch them, but I spent most of the afternoon and evening snoozing.

The Recovery 
My recovery went very well. The only things I found difficult were reaching for loo roll (!) and to the cupboard for my tea bags! So we made some subtle adjustments around the house to help my post-surgery life a little easier.

After a week, my bandages came off and I was a little apprehensive as a friend (who’d had the same operation the previous year), said they might not look how I wanted them to right away. I must admit that at this stage they did look very fake. However Mr Fatah reassured me that this was normal and that within a few more weeks, the swelling would reduce and they would ‘drop’ to look more like the natural breasts I wanted. They did.

The Results 
I realised in the months following my breast enhancement just how hung up I’d been about my chest (or lack of!). Now with my new breasts I could finally start to enjoy some of those things I felt I’d been missing out on, like swimming with my partner’s daughter, or simply planning an outfit.

As a self-confessed underwear snob (I like to match), my first bra trip was a pretty expensive one! It was so lovely not having to check that everything was padded, particularly bikinis!

I would say I regretted not having it done sooner, but realistically, I’m glad I waited until I was mature enough to make the decision and to know I was doing it for the right reasons. I’m looking forward to getting on with my life and enjoying lots of new adventures with my new trusty companions!

Next Steps