I’m incredibly happy with the results and can’t get over just how natural they look

Helen had breast enhancement surgery with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. Read her story...

The Decision 
For as long as I can remember I have always been unhappy with my breasts. Even as a teenager I always felt they were too small and after I had children only grew unhappier with them. 

Cosmetic surgery is something that I have always been open to, even more so now that it has become more normalised. However, having never been to hospital, apart from when I had my children, I’d developed a fear of general anaesthesia. This fear kept me from something that I had wanted for a long time; a boob job.

Throughout the years, I had spent some time researching my options but was always too afraid to take the plunge. That was until I stumbled upon The Westbourne Centre and discovered that they performed their plastic surgery procedures with local anaesthetic and sedation. Knowing that I would be able to have breast enhancement surgery without going under general anaesthetic was a game changer for me.

Despite this, it still took me another 18 months to make my decision to book a consultation and it was turning 50 that inspired me to finally bite the bullet. It was then or never.

The Consultation 
Once I’d made my decision I booked a consultation at The Westbourne with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa, having been impressed by other patient’s stories I had seen on the website.

Understandably, I was a mixture of nerves and excitement before the consultation, but Mr Nishikawa was very calm and knowledgeable and this put me at ease. During the consultation, we discussed my reasons behind wanting the procedure and the risks that were involved. It wasn’t rushed and Mr Nishikawa never made me feel as though my concerns or questions were invalid which enabled me to feel more confident about the decision I was making.

My only real concern about the procedure was about the size of the implants. I wanted my breasts to look natural rather than fake, so I wanted to ensure that they weren’t too big or too obvious. Following my examination, Mr Nishikawa was able to advise me which shape and size implant would give me the most natural look, helping to put my doubts to bed.

After the plastic surgery consultation, there was a two-week cooling-off period. Although I would have happily booked there and then, I was grateful for this time as it gave me time to really think the procedure through and ensured that I was fully confident with my decision. I never considered looking anywhere else in this time as I felt so at ease at The Westbourne Centre and with Mr Nishikawa. Once the cooling-off period was over I called and booked my breast augmentation.

After my initial consultation and after booking my breast enhancement procedure, I decided to go back to see Mr Nishikawa for a second consultation, just to be sure about the size I had chosen. Yet again, Mr Nishikawa really made time for me which I really appreciated as I felt that he understood how big of a decision this was for me. During the second consultation, I tried various different sizes implants but eventually, decided to stick with the original choice which Mr Nishikawa had advised.

The Surgery
As we don’t live locally, the night before the surgery my husband and I stayed in a hotel close to The Westbourne Centre. As you’re not allowed to eat before the procedure, I was pretty hungry, made only worse by watching my partner enjoy some delicious room service!

On the day of the surgery we headed to The Westbourne Centre. Once I was checked in my partner then went back to the hotel for some peace and quiet. I was then taken to the pre-op room where I completed the necessary paperwork and got changed into my ever-so flattering hospital gown! Mr Nishikawa then explained the procedure to me again and drew on my chest. It was then time.

As everything at The Westbourne Centre is performed under local anaesthetic and sedation it is very different to the surgeries you see on the TV. You aren’t wheeled down the theatre on a bed, you walk! Although this was quite surreal, it also made me feel happier as I was in control. Once I’d made my way to the theatre, I then sat on the bed and was introduced to all of the operating team who showed me the equipment they would be using, again this helped me to feel much more confident about the procedure ahead.

Something I was originally stressed to Mr Nishikawa was that I wanted to be fully awake during the procedure, however he advised that since this was my first ever surgery that might not be a good idea! Following Mr Nishikawa’s expert advice, I opted to be sedated. Thanks to the sedation, I don’t remember the procedure at all and the first time I was aware of anything I was being bandaged up.

The Recovery
When the surgery was over I was taken to the recovery room, where I came around very quickly. Before I could leave the staff made sure that I was warm and that I’d had something to eat. The Centre then rang my partner to collect me and we headed back to our hotel.

My partner and I settled back into the room, ordered pizza and prepared to watch my favourite football team. I admit there was some shouting at the TV during the match, at one point my husband had to tell me to calm down... If he hadn’t have known, I don’t think he would have even suspected I’d had surgery a few hours earlier!

We went back home the next day and I have to admit I was glad to be back in my own bed and to be recovering so well. For a week, I stayed at home and rested, making sure not to do anything to strenuous. I didn’t really experience any pain at all following the operation and occasionally took some paracetamol. It was nothing like I expected at all and for that I was relieved!

Less than two weeks after my surgery, I returned to work as normal, although it was nice to be waited on hand and foot (not having to make dinner, watching what I wanted on the TV), I was glad to have some independence back.

The Results
Since having breast enhancement surgery I’ve become more confident in my own body – well mostly my own! Prior to the surgery, I’d always worn bras with extra boost and padding but now the implants had given me this look ‘naturally’.

Clothes shopping is something I’d always dreaded before my breast augmentation but now I love it. Clothes shopping is now a breeze as I’m able to buy whatever I like without having to worry about how my breasts will look in them. I even borrowed a backless dress (something I’d never have worn before as I wouldn’t have been able to wear a bra) from my daughter!

Before the surgery, I was very conscious that people would be able to tell I’d had a boob job. It wasn’t something I wanted people to know and so I only told my partner, daughter and best friend, who were all very supportive (my daughter so much so that she’s now considering surgery too!). However, all that worry was for nothing and I am pleased to say I’m incredibly happy with the results and can’t get over just how natural they look. Not one single person has asked if they’re fake or if I’ve had anything done, I don’t think anyone suspects a thing which is exactly the type of response I wanted.

Next Steps