If it had not been for local anaesthetic and sedation, I would not have had my surgeries.

"If it had not been for local anaesthetic and sedation, I would not have had my surgeries."

Gillian had two breast augmentation procedures with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. Read about why she chose to have surgery under local anaesthetic with sedation....

I decided to have breast augmentation surgery after having my three children. I had breastfed each of them for two years which had sadly left me without any breast tissue. I felt very down and had little confidence in how I looked in bikinis and dresses in the summer time. I'd look in the mirror and just cry. I knew at this point that I really needed to feel better about myself as I was becoming depressed about it. I had never really had an ample bust but the breastfeeding had taken away everything I had.

I decided to choose The Westbourne Centre because I had seen a feature on the This Morning programme many years ago about breast augmentation surgery using local anaesthetic and sedation. As much as I wanted and needed my surgery, I was terrified to have a general anaesthetic. Not only was I very concerned about the risks associated with general anaesthetic but also, I have a phobia of vomiting. Knowing that a general anaesthetic could cause nausea and vomiting, I had ruled it out completely. Knowing the chance of any nausea was absolutely minimal with sedation, I decided to enquire. 

After a lot of research decided to have a consultation with Mr Nishikawa. I'd looked at his qualifications and read up a lot about him and realised that he was a very talented surgeon. After meeting him for my consultation, I had so much trust and faith in him. I did not feel pressured into having my surgery and he made sure that I was well informed enough to go ahead with my surgery. I felt it was a real privilege to have found him. I just knew I was in the best of hands.

Once I had booked my surgery date, I felt so excited. I couldn't actually believe that after so many years of hating the way my breasts looked that soon I would have some breasts! Obviously, I felt a bit nervous too as I had never had a surgical procedure before but the excitement outweighed the nervousness. I started looking at bikinis and bras thinking how I would look in them.

When I woke up on the morning of my surgery, I felt really nervous! My nerves really started to get the better of me but I just tried to keep calm knowing that soon the surgery would be complete.  I wanted and needed this surgery so badly that I just knew I had to be brave. Once I arrived at The Westbourne Centre, I didn't feel as nervous. I got chatting to the nurse which took my mind off the worry, then Mr Nishikawa came in to chat to me and draw up the surgery lines which made me feel more at ease. As I sat waiting to go into theatre my tummy was turning over and when my name was called, I just thought this is it, it's actually my turn. I lay on the theatre table wondering if I should run away - thankfully, I didn't! I asked one of the theatre nurses to hold my hand as the sedation was being administered. I remember my knees where shaking. Once the sedation got to work, I felt lovely.  I came over all calm and felt like I was drifting off to have a lovely nap.

After my surgery, I woke up really quickly and was very aware of my surroundings. I didn't feel tired, groggy and most importantly to me I didn't feel nauseous. I remember asking if I could take a look and the nurse pulled the cover down for me. My breasts were covered in bandages but I could see they were a lot bigger than before I had gone to sleep. I was so relieved it was over. I did have some pain in my breast area which is to be expected but otherwise I felt quite comfortable to say I’d just had major surgery. I was given some paracetamol through my drip which really helped and then within the hour, I was up, dressed and ready to be collected by my husband.

In the few days after my surgery I did feel quite uncomfortable, however I would just take regular medication throughout the day which really helped. It was a great opportunity for me to have a rest as I had three young children at the time so was always very busy.  I had to sleep propped up for the first week or so because if I laid down flat it was difficult for me to get back up. After the first week I felt so much better and was a lot more mobile. Two weeks after my surgery, I could start driving again which was great.  I did make the mistake of opening the boot at the shopping park and I had to ask a passer-by to close it for me as I still felt I couldn't really stretch up too high. I was so happy with my results and was very eager to get measured up for my first bra! 

The surgery made a huge difference to my life - I had a lot more confidence and my clothes looked amazing on me. My first holiday abroad with my new breasts was very exciting especially as I was able to wear a bikini and fill it nicely!

After a couple of years, I was ready to undergo another breast augmentation procedure with Mr Nishikawa. As I had very little skin and hardly any breast tissue to start with, I could only have relatively small implants the first time round. Therefore, I knew it was always going to be a bit of a journey to get my breasts at a size that I would be really happy with.

I’m so pleased with my outcome - Mr Nishikawa did such an excellent job with both procedures and my scars are hardly visible.

The development of the local anaesthetic and sedation technique is an absolute marvel. If it had not been for this method, I would not have had my surgeries and transformed the way I feel about myself. To wake up from surgery and not be groggy, sick or sleepy is amazing. I always wonder why anyone would choose a general anaesthetic over local and sedation. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

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