Mrs P's Dental Implants

Several years of toothache, gum recession and infection led to tooth loss and inevitably dentures in my forties.  Over the last twenty years, due to the poor fit and design of my dentures, lack of confidence and low self-esteem have followed.

Faced with further misery I researched the idea of dental implants as a means of providing a more secure anchorage for my lower denture to replace the fixative glue widely sold to denture wearers. My search led me, through reputation, to the Westbourne Centre under the direction of Mr Anthony Summerwill, a leader in his field of reconstructive dentistry.

Each stage of my treatment was planned and handled in the most professional and caring manner. Everything was explained and all my fears and concerns laid to rest by Mr Summerwill’s attention to detail and skill, and with a lot of handholding from his wonderful team.

My sincere thanks go to all at the Westbourne Centre. Together, they made the whole experience of my dental implants and first class design and fit of new dentures a positive one.

They gave me back my smile.

BLP, Sutton Coldfield, October 2015

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