Katherine Woodley's Breast Augmentation

I had wanted Breast Enlargement surgery for many years. After breast feeding two children, I was left a size smaller (32B) and this prompted me to pursue Breast Augmentation. I visited two well known clinics, but was disappointed by the heavy use of sales teams and they didn't listen to me when I asked for a natural result. I was also not sure how I could justify staying in hospital overnight for a cosmetic procedure and one company even wanted me to travel to London to have the procedure.

I saw an advertisement for The Westbourne Centre that noted the operation could be performed under Local Anaesthetic and you were able to return home the same day. When I contacted the Centre I was offered an appointment with a Consultant surgeon rather than a sales advisor. The Consultant really listened to my requests for a natural looking result, 1 - 2 cup sizes increase maximum. I felt very reassured by this, so decided to go ahead with the surgery. On the morning of the operation, I was terrified, but all the nurses and doctors put me at ease and the operation proceeded. Although I was under Local Anaesthetic with sedation, I don't remember anything about the operation other than being wheeled back to the recovery room. I felt a little woozy at first but this soon passed. I had my lunch, rested for about an hour and then I was ready to go home. Due to the medication, I didn't feel any discomfort, but was told not to lift anything heavy for at least a week and to come in the following day for an examination.

The next day, the Consultant reviewed my surgery and noted that the operation had been straight forward with no complications and that the results were really good. I was not in any pain as this was being managed by parecetamol. My breast area was covered with stick on bandages so I couldn't see the results, but it felt as though they were huge! The Consultant noted that the area was swollen due to the surgery, but that this would go down over time. A week following the operation, I was checked again.

The bandages were removed and I had light bruising but other than that I was healing well. My breasts were still swollen and I was told to buy a bigger bra, which was a bit of a worry as this would take me up to a 32DD, but I was assured that this was just the swelling. At this point I was able to pick up my children and drive etc, which was great to get back to normality so soon after the operation. It took about 1-2 months for the swelling to go down and for my breasts to look more natural and they settled at a 32D, which is in proportion with the rest of my body. At 2 months following surgery, I have a 3 inch scar underneath each breast, but the scar is very thin and is fading each week that goes by. I am very happy with the results of my surgery and would definitely recommend Mr Nishikawa at the team at The Westbourne Centre to those wishing to achieve a natural result.

Katherine Woodley's Breast Augmentation

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